Health & Medical Patient Background and Beliefs Discussion

Health & Medical Patient Background and Beliefs Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Health & Medical Patient Background and Beliefs Discussion This week in class, you participated in an exercise that asked you to come up with a title for your own personal story, and also the names for the current chapter and a past chapter of your personal story. What did this exercise tell you about how your own story is evolving and changing? How might you be able to use this exercise to better understand a patient’s spiritual health or spiritual journey? attachment_1 attachment_2 NUR 115: Spiritual Assessment Holly L. Nerone, MSN, RN Ask the patient about their beliefs/ practices Ask the patient about the hospital environment Respect the patient’s need for modesty Determine if patient uses alternative medicine Collaborate on spiritual assessment if appropriate Accommodate the patient’s desire to pray Document and communicate spiritual needs The Joint Commissi on Essential Language on Spiritual What’s the difference…? Spiritual Screening is a quick, short query (what’s your faith/religion? any key cultural practices?) Spiritual History gets more detailed background information Spiritual Assessment captures current status/info to inform interventions Together these Steps Tell a Story A QUICK SCREEN FOLLOWED BY THOROUGH HISTORY AND CURRENT ASSESSMENT TELL THE PATIENT’S SPIRITUAL STORY STORIES HELP THE NURSING PROCESS FIT THE PATIENT, RATHER THAN REQUIRING THE PATIENT TO FIT THE PROCESS What’s your story? What chapter are you on? • If you were writing your life story… what would be the title? • What is the title of the current chapter? • What is the title of a previous/past chapter? • Who are some of the heroes/heroines in your story? Spiritual Distress Nursing Diagnosis • Per Medical (2009) • Risk for Spiritual Distress • At risk for an altered sense of integration with life and the universe, in which dimensions Pause to watch the Spiritual Assessm ent Video “Spiritual Assessment in Health Care” video linked in Canvas (approximately 9 minutes in length) Session – Spiritual Assessments • Find a partner and practice spiritual assessment on each other • Use one of the mnemonics from the PDF linked in the module Thank you for Participati ng! • Go forth and reflect… journal entries due by midnight • Watch for class Tweets being circulated on the Stritch Twitter account soon (in progress of setting this up) • See you next week! • The content of this PowerPoint was informed by Chapter 7 of course textbook Dossey & Keegan (2016) … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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