HighFidelity Simulation in Nursing Education for EndofLife Care

HighFidelity Simulation in Nursing Education for EndofLife Care ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON HighFidelity Simulation in Nursing Education for EndofLife Care This is a 7 page (excluding reference page and title page) Quantitative critic paper. Instructions and materials to work with is included. APA 7 is a must. Template and grading Rubric must be used because the grading is strictly based on that. Paper must be written in active voice eg Active voice: the nurse bathed the patient Passive voice: the patient was bathed by the nurse attachment_1 attachment_2 attachment_3 attachment_4 attachment_5 attachment_6 Paper instruction Quantitative Research Critique – Assignment Directions Review Polit & Beck (2020), Box 5.3 – Guide to a Focused Critical Appraisal of Evidence Quality in a Quantitative Research Report, to assist you in analyzing the article listed below. Quantitative Article – Rattani et al. (2020) (attached) Polit & Beck (2020), Box 5.3 (attached) Use the rubric below to guide your analysis by providing a 1-3 sentence answer to each question. The rubric headings can be used as your paper headings & subheadings Rubric and paper template attached. Address each component using the content from the article when furnishing your rationale. If a research component is not addressed in the article, you must explain whether or not this is justified. Be sure to meet the following criteria: APA 7th edition professional paper formatting (paper template attached) Include both an introduction and a conclusion 7-page limit, excluding title and reference pages Effectiveness of HighFidelity Simulation in Nursing Education for EndofLife Care: A Quasiexperimental Design Student Name College of Health Professions, Name of University Nursing Education, Name of University 7-page limit, excluding title and reference pages Introduction Introduction, Thesis Statement & Statement of the Problem Identification of Hypothesis and/or Research Questions Literature Review & Conceptual Framework Critical Appraisal of the Studies Literature Identification of Theoretical Framework Research Design & Methodology Research Design Population and Sample Protection of Human Rights Procedures Data Collection, Analysis & Results Data Collection & Measurement Data Analysis & Results Conclusion Personal Reflection References NOTE. All references most be in APA edition 7 (NOT edition 6) Rattani, S. A., Kurji, Z., Khowaja, A. A., Dias, J. M., & AliSher, A. N. (2020). Effectiveness of highfidelity simulation in nursing education for endoflife care: A quasiexperimental design. Indian Journal of Palliative Care, 26(3), 312-318. https://www.doi.org/10.4103/IJPC.IJPC_157_19 Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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