Highly Competitive Business Environments Discussion

Highly Competitive Business Environments Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Highly Competitive Business Environments Discussion Please reply to the following two post 100 words one reference each #1 Yulier Rodriguez Medina Discussion Board Week #15 Change is crucial for organizations in growing, highly competitive business environments. Theories of change describe the effectiveness with which organizations are able to modify their strategies, processes, and structures. (Lin, 2017) The action research model, the positive model, and Lewin’s change model indicate the stages of organizational change. Highly Competitive Business Environments Discussion The Lewin’s model was used from an ethnographic study assumed for the investigation of the Lewin’s model for change development, mediates implementation and leadership initiatives for change in complex organizations. The organizational change explains the movement of an organization from the known (current state) state to the unknown (Desired future state) state. This is because the future of this change is uncertain and may concern the people’s worth, coping abilities, and competency, so the people of the organization do not support change unless they are convinced against the status. The transformational leadership style affects the organizational change process. In this type of leadership style, the leader coordinate with employees, share their knowledge, give opportunity in making decisions in organizational level. To achieve transformative change, direction has to come from the top of the organization and all teams must understand their role. “Healthcare CEOs and senior leaders must be aligned on the strategic vision and the path needed to reach it, and they have to consistently and transparently communicate both to the entire organization.”An assessment process determines the organization’s performance level and the divide between baseline performance and ideal performance. ( Pierce, 2015) The assessment effort should have several components, including leadership surveys and stakeholder interviews. Transformational plans require benchmarks and metrics to set goals, measure performance, and guide strategy adjustments. An integrated dashboard should give the CEO and other top leaders a comprehensive view of the organization’s performance. References Lin, 2017 C.P. To share or not to share: Modeling knowledge sharing using exchange ideology as a moderatorPersonnel Review, 36 (3) (2007), pp. 457 Pierce, 2015 J.L. Pierce, D.G. Gardner, R.B.DunhamManagement organizational change and development Management and organizational behavior: An integrated perspective, South-Western College Publishing, Cincinnati, OH (2015), pp. 627-657 #2 Discussion Board Week #15 Yulier Rodriguez Medina Regardless of what an employee’s role is, at some point they will have to work with other people at the company – whether that’s a colleague, customer or other stakeholder. Team spirit is an attitude that enables people to work well together. It’s about camaraderie, cooperation and collaboration between different members of the organization. Team spirit is based on the culture of the company. Businesses where collaboration and teamwork are encouraged will have high levels of team spirit as employees will be familiar with working with one another.(Braaten, 2015) For businesses where job descriptions require employees to work more individually, team spirit activities may need to be implemented to encourage colleagues to interact with one another. Team spirit is integral to building a successful team. People that exemplify good team spirit may be able to take on more leadership responsibilities and management roles , as they are able to encourage others to work well together. When people show teamwork spirit, it means they are more invested in the goals of their organization.(Vifladt et al., 2016) Teams that function well together are more productive and provide greater value to an organization than teams that are full of conflict. When teams are working well together, the organization will be more efficient and profitable. This course has brought to my career an incredible value. Not only the knowledge about nursing decision-making in complex health systems but the skills, ways, and tools to apply this knowledge.Decision-making processes used by Urgent Care nurses include factors associated with unconscious awareness such as intuition and related processes. Intuition, used by expert nurses, is described as possibly subject to decision-maker biases leading to error due to the influence of experience based preconceptions. Time spent as a nurse led to positive influences on nurse decision-making. For instance, experience increased self-confidence. This confidence promotes nurses’ belief in their ability to ask questions, consider options for patient care, implement interventions and trust their competence in nursing practice. The increase in self-confidence is associated with communication skills, supported decision-making, and facilitated determination of interventions and management of emergencies.(Paul & Hice., 2016) The influence of education on decision-making is unclear. More research on the influence of education on clinical decision-making is needed. Experience is an influential factor in decision-making. Possibly more experiential learning, such as integration of simulation into education programs, would facilitate decision-making in acute care. Highly Competitive Business Environments Discussion References Braaten JS. Hospital System Barriers to Rapid Response Team Activation: A Cognitive Work Analysis. American Journal of Nursing. 2015;115(2):22–33. doi: 10.1097/01.NAJ.0000460673.82070.af. Paul S, Hice A. Role of the Acute Care Nurse in Managing Patients With Heart Failure Using Evidence-Based Care. Critical Care Nursing Quarterly. 2016;37(4):357–376. doi: 10.1097/CNQ.0000000000000036. Vifladt A, Simonsen BO, Lydersen S, Farup PG. The association between patient safety culture and burnout and sense of coherence: A cross-sectional study in restructured and not restructured intensive care units. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing. 2016;36:26–34. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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