Howard University NURS535 Week 12 Effective Surveillance Response Paper

Howard University NURS535 Week 12 Effective Surveillance Response Paper ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Howard University NURS535 Week 12 Effective Surveillance Response Paper Responses to classmate colleagues’ initial postings : Read a selection of your classmate’s postings and provide a substantive reply to your colleagues by , in one or more of the following ways, by: (a) expanding on your classmate colleague’s posting; (b) offering an insight from having read your classmate’s posting; (c) corroborating an idea from your own experience; (d) concurring or disagreeing by explaining why with supporting evidence or concepts from the readings or literature; (d) asking a probing question. You must provide response postings to at least three (3) classmate colleagues’ postings. Responses must contain 200–250 words (not including references) and at least 1 reference . References in the response postings will support response statements and assertions; and serve as an additional resource to fellow classmates. Howard University NURS535 Week 12 Effective Surveillance Response Paper please only use the resources attached to do the 3 responses..also please check your APA citations (professor has been complianing) attachment_1 attachment_2 attachment_3 attachment_4 attachment_5 Ashley Pevia Surveillance and Attribution Investigations Collapse Biosurveillance Systems Biosurveillance focuses on developing effective surveillance, prevention and operational capabilities for detecting and countering biological threats. The system works closely with hospitals, health care providers and various laboratories to identify disease cases, investigate the potential spread and guide actions (CLS). The Department of Homeland Security’s Apex Programs is a screening process that look strategically at the nations security and address future biological threats. The Apex Screening at Speed is a program that efficiently screens people for concealed explosive threats (APEX). Created specifically for United States airport TSA, the detection system screens carry on bags and uses X-Ray’s to surveillance further risks. Another example of a biosurveillance system is The Global Biosurveillance Portal. The Biosurveilance Portal is an international system that is mainly focused on coordinating and synchronizing information with international and federal organizations. The system assist in biological defenses by allowing users to organize web applications receives data from various facilities. The data is then taken and analyzed and sent to organizations to development strategies to counter biological threats. Importance of Biosurveillance Biosurveillance is imperative for public health preparedness. The Nation is confronted by an array of health threats with natural, accidental and deliberate origins. Public health professionals are responsible for addressing health on consequences of all types of disaster. Emerging biological threats could wipe out many plant and animal species and could drastically cause a decline in the human population. Biosurveilance for human health includes 3 functional components including detecting baseline disease outbreaks, investigate potential threats and respond when a threat is confirmed. It is important to prepare for biological threats and implementing response measures for adequate communication and counter bioterrorism measures. Michael Enright was an English Actor known for his role in The Pirates of the Caribbean and other popular movies. Michael gave up acting to work towards the fight against bioterrorism. He worked on the field in Syria combating ISIS and he also worked with the U.S immigration system to combat bioterrorism (Franzia, 2019). Policy Directives & Investigations After the Anthrax attack in 2001, new laws aimed to boost public health was proposed. Congress in conjunction with Public Health Security administration proposed the Public Health Security and Bioterroism Prepardness and Response Act of 2002. The bill authorized more than $1.5 billion in grants to develop improved planning, enhanced laboratory capacity, training personnel and prevention efforts. Attribution investigations are conducted through data collection systems. Analyzing data can aid in investigation for biological attacks. The CDC helps various agencies investigate possible terrorist attacks to prevent the country from future harm. Resources Anderson, J. A., Rosenzweig, C. N., Roos, J., & Flores, B. (2015). The Global Biosurveillance Portal: Biosurveillance for the Department of Defense. Online Journal of Public Health Informatics, 7(1), e63. doi:10.5210/ojphi.v7i1.5729 Center for Disease Control, 2010. Biosurveillance: Smart Investments for early Warning. Retrieved from: Ross, Robert. 2002. New bioterrorism law aims to boost public health, guard food and water. Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy. Retrieved from: Franzia. 2019. A British actor left Hollywood to fight ISIS. Now he’s marooned in Belize. The Washington Post. Retrieved from: Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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