Importance of evidence-based practice in Nursing Roles

Importance of evidence-based practice in Nursing Roles ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Importance of evidence-based practice in Nursing Roles I need two responses, one for each peers. I need at least 6 paragraphs, 3 for each peers. I also need 4 references, 2 for each peers. The format has to be APA. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, the responses are going to be checked by the professor by Turnitin to detect plagiarism. Importance of evidence-based practice in Nursing Roles attachment_1 attachment_2 Adysbel Linares Florida National University Nursing Department BSN Program Nursing Role and Scope Lourdes Castaneda Msn, RN, CN November 6, 2019 Importance of evidence-based practice Evidence-based practice (EBP) is critical in resolving nursing problems (Black et al. 2015). Using this approach, Nurses can identify and adopt appropriate, thoroughly researched solutions with a high efficiency, which promotes health care using this approach. EBP eliminates variations in the approach to care. Competent nurses can, therefore, provide the same quality of care regardless of the institution with the utmost accuracy for the benefit of the client. EBP reduces instances of using subjective data to inform decision making by ensuring nurses use valid, clinically significant, and applicable data. In every field, there is a rift between research and practice. Most of the research content is not integrated into practice, which culminates into a lack of progress. However, EBP fosters the integration of research into practice. By so doing, this contributes to the development of nursing literature and the advancement of interventions to promote positive health outcomes (Reid et al. 2017). Incorporation of research into practice bridges the gap between the two subjects, which is beneficial to patients’ welfare. EBP is a principal tenet for the realization of the Triple Aims in the United States healthcare system. The goal of Triple Aim is to promote patients’ care experience, improve population health, and cut per capita care cost. The realization of these essential goals is contingent on having a practical approach to care. EBP provides a reliable and systematic approach to pursue the Triple Aims with minimal disruption of the existing healthcare system. Sources of Evidence A wide variety of online libraries have been established to furnish nurses with current and credible scientific evidence. The libraries have a vast pool of evidence on different subjects from which nurses can refer. Examples of these libraries include the National Library for Health, National Library for Medicine, and Cochrane Library, among others. The choice of a library is based on the availability of required content and its relevance to the search criterion. Online databases are also reliable sources of peer-reviewed scholarly nursing content. Online databases confer unrivaled utility to nurses because they have unique tools to allow filtering of the search results to precisely match the users’ needs. For instance, the user can preset the timeline, relevance, type of results, and availability of the full article. All these customizations allow nurses to obtain the content they need for various circumstances. Examples include EBSCO, CINAHL, OVID, Psych INFO, and MEDLINE, among others. Health care institutions maintain a vast pool of medical record systems. A review of these records can disclose a wealth of information. A nurse could refer to these medical records to derive meaningful data to apply in various circumstances. With the integration of electronic health records, nurses can easily search for specific data. Such data provides a reliable and efficient decision-making support system. Evidence from each of these sources should be thoroughly scrutinized to confirm the validity and relevance of the information before its adoption. Implementation strategies Training and support are some of the viable EBP implementation strategies (Kueny et al. 2015). The approach of this strategy involves training the nurses on how to adopt an innovation before it is formally incorporated into nursing. According to Kueny et al. (2015), this approach boosts the nurses’ confidence, which promotes positive health outcomes. Prolonged training is essential for the successful adoption of innovation. EBP can also be implemented by building an extensive support system cutting across practice areas (Cullen and Adams, 2012). The rationale for using this strategy is to facilitate the flow of information among health practitioners in a healthcare facility. Information sharing creates a feedback mechanism through which nurses can source evidence to modify their nursing interventions. However, for this strategy to work, teamwork among health practitioners is a prerequisite. Inter-organizational collaboration can also be used to implement EBP. The goal of this strategy is to harness intelligence from across healthcare organizations. From the knowledge gathered, an organization can filter through to popularize EBP within the facility and foster its adoption. The choice of strategy is based on organizational priorities and objectives. Importance of evidence-based practice in Nursing Roles References Black, A., Balneaves, L., Garossino, C., Puyat, J., & Qian, H. (2015). Promoting Evidence-Based Practice through a Research Training Program for Point-of-Care Clinicians. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration , 45 (1), 14-20. Cullen, L., & Adams, S. (2012). Planning for Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice. The Journal of Nursing Administration , 42 (4), 222-230. Kueny, A., Shever, L., Lehan Mackin, M., & Titler, M. (2015). Facilitating the implementation of evidence-based practice through contextual support and nursing leadership. Journal of Healthcare Leadership , 7 , 29-39. Reid, J., Briggs, J., Carlisle, S., Scott, D., & Lewis, C. (2017). Enhancing utility and understanding of evidence based practice through undergraduate nurse education. BMC Nursing , 16 (58). Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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