Introduction Nurses who work in this floor always encounter so much when undertaking their duties

Introduction Nurses who work in this floor always encounter so much when undertaking their duties ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Introduction Nurses who work in this floor always encounter so much when undertaking their duties I’m trying to study for my Health & Medical course and I need some help to understand this question. attached r1.docx Professor’s name Student’s name Course Date Introduction Nurses who work in this floor always encounter so much when undertaking their duties. They always see patients who are hurt and broken. There is so much stress which results from all these things experienced on this floor. The stress on this floor eats the nurses slowly and they are as well surprising and unannounced, they always eat the nurse’s energy piece by piece each day or day by day. The stress sometimes comes from the long working hours and also no regular eating schedule due to the busy work schedule on this floor. These nurses take care of patients who need a special monitoring. They should work carefully so as to detect data resulting from potential symptoms of stress or distress. There was a subsequently a cumulative approach which was used to investigate the connection between NNL and the continuous scores that are the dependent variables in the hierarchical regression and analyses. The nurses participating in this study have served for more than six months. Literature Review Both day and night shift nurses in this department deal with patients who are in critical conditions and there is a possibility of the nurses suffering depression. However, night shift nurses in the orthopedic department are more depressed as compared to the day time nurses working in the same department. Depression is a severe medical illness which has an ability to affect the patient’s way of feeling, thinking, and actions. This type of diseases causes sadness as well as loss of interest in the activities that the patient used to enjoy. This is a common illness that the nurses working at telemetry department in orthopedic floor suffer and this is especially for those who work during the night. Shift work is considered to be a requirement for the continuation of hospitals as well as residential facilities. This study will focus on whether nurses working night shift suffer depression more than the nurses who work during day shift in the telemetry orthopedic unit. Theoretical framework Night shift is the most frequent reasons as to why the circadian rhythm which cause significant alterations of sleep as well as biological functions which are able to affect both physical and psychological well-being of nurses. As stated above the main objective of this study is to that shift work at night as compared to shifts at day time is associated with risks of suffering from depression. This research was done using the cross-sectional method and was based on the validated self-valuation questionnaires. There was a total of 20 nurses who were called for participation in this healthy survey and this was done through association of nurses in America (NNU). Out of the 20 nurses, 10 agreed to participate in the research (Carolan, and Jorgensen, 2013). The nurses completed questionnaires given to the by moderators where they filled demographics variables which included age, gender, years of experience as nurses, and level of education. The questionnaire also consisted of areas such as work schedule, anxiety/depression, sleepiness, insomnia, and fatigue. There was also a requirement for them to report the number of shifts which they have worked in the last one year. There were parameters which were related and they included: nurses working night shifts, nurses who have never worked at night and lastly nurses who previously worked at night and used binary logistic regression analyses. There was a subsequently a cumulative approach that was used to investigate the connection which was between the NNL and continuous scores that are dependent variables found in the hierarchical regression and analyses (Tweedy, James, 2014). According to the health promotional model which was proposed by Nola J Pender in the year 1982 and revised in the year 1996, health is a science as well as the art of helping individuals to change the way of life in order to have a state which has optimal health. Despite depression aspects that can be found in nurses, they are supposed to give out positive resources to their resources so as to help the patients to have positive changes in their health. This theory does not only apply to the patients but also to the healthcare providers such as nurses. Nurses were asked a question regarding how they participate in behaviors which they trust will give out the anticipated health outcomes. … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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