Life cycle Nutrition Essay Paper

Life cycle Nutrition Essay Paper Life cycle Nutrition Essay Paper Introduction The most important health issue in today’s society is that of food-borne illness. However, with an annual increase of these pathogenic bacteria popularly known as food-borne illness which results to death, researchers have traced the cause to the intake of contaminated foods. In today’s society, the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is the sort of food consumed, the nutritional content and the physical fitness that food does to the human system. In essence, food is needed in the human system for growth and development, for the sustenance of life, and nourishment of the body. With all this essential facts on food, we can now conclude that good nutrition is needed for good functioning of the human organism and cells …show more content… Simultaneously, new information is exploding on the quantity and quality of foods and nutrients needed for optimal health.Common safety issues related to food purchase, storage, and preparation: The issue of food safety varies from the purchase, storage and preparation perspective. In the purchasing of food, the issue of the date of expiration of the food (canned food) and the damage in the packaging as well as freshness and handling of the food must be considered and viewed properly. The storage involves the temperature at which the food is preserved and consumed, while the preparation involves the cleanliness of the utensils in addition to the process of cooking the meal (hygiene). The optional method for certifying the safety of food includes a clean preparation environment and the separating of unlike foods. Moreover, the foods must be cooked with sufficient cooking temperature and also refrigerated and at the appointed time either before or after cooking. Dairy foods, meats and seafood’s must be promptly and properly refrigerated at normal temperature. In line with this, the foods that require cold temperature like the dairy products, sea food and meats must be properly refrigerated. Illnesses or problems caused: Life cycle Nutrition Essay PaperZach’s parents have recently separated. He lives with his mom during the week and spends every other weekend with his dad. Zach has an older brother who is 7, but currently does not have any weight related issues. Zach’s teacher has reported some behavior problems that have recently began at school. He is having more difficulty concentrating and has been acting out more. As part of his punishment for misbehavior he loses part of recess. Permalink: life-cycle-nutrition-essay-paper / He started school last fall and attends full-day kindergarten two days a week. Zach typically wakes up around 7:30 am. On days that he attends school, he gets on the bus at 7:50 am. After school is released at 2:30 pm, Zach attends an after school program until 5 pm when his mom picks him up. On non- school days he attends daycare from 8 am to 5 pm. Upon arriving home, his family typically eats. He is then allowed to spend his evening as he chooses until his bedtime at 9:00. During the evening, he usually watches TV or plays video games with his older brother.Life cycle Nutrition Essay Paper Zach has two 30 minute recess periods each school day. He loses half of one recess due to misbehavior about 1-2 times per week. His daycare has a 30 minute morning recess and afternoon outside playtime from 3:30-5, weather permitting. Zach also participates in a youth soccer team. He has practice for 30 minutes two days a week and one match a week that lasts about 30 minutes. Due to a lack of time in the morning, breakfast is usually something that is quick to grab or as is the case on many days, Zack does not eat breakfast. On school days, Zach’s mom packs him a lunch, but due to lack of time is often convenience items. On non-school days, Zach eats lunch provided by the daycare. An afternoon snack is provided by the after school program or daycare. Dinner is often takeout or quick to prepare foods since his mom works and does not always have time to cook. Life cycle Nutrition Essay Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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