Long Island University NUR 420 AA Meetings Paper

Long Island University NUR 420 AA Meetings Paper ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Long Island University NUR 420 AA Meetings Paper The 3 new assignment, one is the concept map that you will get an example for which you can reword or come with your own ideas. The 2 AA meeting that I will give you and which I will send you several examples for it which you can reword or come up with your own ideas as well. Long Island University NUR 420 AA Meetings Paper nur420_21c_aa_meeting__v1_.docx fractured_hip_with_postop_complications___case_study_46.docx hip_fracture_post_op_co I found an online Alcoholics Anonymous meeting via aa-intergroup.org. I attended a Saturday, early evening meeting (6pm) meeting. The meeting is regularly an online meeting, however due to COVID-19 physical distancing precautions additional meetings per hour were added. The meeting I chose was called 24/7 AA Online Video Meeting. It was an open meeting; the meetings are held 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The format changes each hour with the host chairing each meeting (the group’s website is www.247aaonline.com and it is in both English and has some information in Spanish). The meeting is funded through donations from members, organizations and groups wishing to donate. Donations can be made in any amount and can be made online (there is a link on the group’s website) or by mail (address is on the online donation website). Long Island University NUR 420 AA Meetings Paper The meeting was held on Zoom and because it was online, it had over 50 members from all over the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. Participants had the option to be on video for the duration of the meeting. The meeting was 60 minutes long; however, after the 60 minutes, a different moderator took over and the meeting continued seamlessly. I introduced myself as a nursing student who was attending the meeting in order to observe and learn about the group process and people living with alcoholism. I welcomed by the host, reminded to keep the meeting confidential and not to disclose any identifying information about the participants. I muted myself and stayed off video for the length of the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, the host asked if anyone was there for their first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting; informed the group to respect each other’s privacy; informed the group of how participants can share their thoughts (either through video or through chat option) and if someone wanted to share, they were to type in their name in the chat box and the host would moderate the conversations. The host welcomed those that responded that they were there for their first AA meeting as did some other participants. The host then asked if any of the participants are familiar with the traditions of anonymity and the 12-steps principles. The 12 steps are a set of principles to guide former alcoholics on how to tackle their problems caused by their addictions. The term sponsor was referred to a few times during the meeting. A sponsor is a person familiar with the 12-Step philosophy who is ready to help another person to move along the recovery journey. This is a person who has personal and profound experience with addiction and who has worked hard to overcome that addiction. This person can share those stories and help to inspire a similar recovery in someone else. One of the participants made a request for a sponsor and there were a few volunteers. The participant who requested the sponsor was very honest and direct as to why he was requesting a sponsor saying that he was finding it challenging to remain sober especially due to the COVID-19 physical distancing precautions as he was bored in his home. The group processed his feelings and he was able to make arrangements to speak to another member who volunteered to be his sponsor who lived near him. I also heard the phrase higher power; however, it was not explained. But in the context in which it was said, I assumed it meant having faith. An internet search yielded the following, “The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous were among the first people to recognize the impact that spirituality has on recovery from addiction. They were also among the first to coin the term “higher power.” ( https://sunrisehouse.com/prepare-aftercare/roles-sponsor-sponsee ). The second step of the 12 Step Program is about accepting a higher power, regardless of what religion the person practices or identifies with. The group’s webpage has links to download pdf’s or eBooks for the following three books: Alcoholics & Anonymous The Big Book , Living Sober and 12 Steps & 12 Traditions. One of the topics that stood out for me as important that was discussed was the participants acknowledgment to each other of the difficulties of remaining sober. They were very honest about how their commitment to remain sober has changed their lives in both positive and negative ways. In a positive way, the participants who spoke stated that Alcoholics Anonymous helped them regain their strength, saved their lives not just because they stopped the physical damage caused by alcoholism but also because they regained relationships or rebuilt new ones. They also acknowledged that they lost relationships, job and/or educational opportunities and sustained physical trauma and damage both directly because of the toxicity of the alcohol but also indirectly due to the effects of alcohol (sustained injuries due to falls, driving while intoxicated, some participants hurt others while under the influence). It’s important to acknowledge that each person’s journey to recovery is different and painful and without the support of others who have experienced it or are experiencing it, it is a difficulty journey to be on alone. I think Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can help someone who is an alcoholic who wants to get sober, or who wants help in beginning their journey to recovery. Some people may not be ready to make the first step however having easily accessible meetings is a beginning. The sharing of experiences is important, as I believe that sharing builds strength, hope and community. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer someone either professionally or personally to Alcoholics Anonymous if asked. Alcoholics Anonymous is available worldwide, in many languages, online and in person, it’s nonjudgmental and it’s free. A person can go as many times as they want to whether it’s a few times a day or a few times a week. I did not have any questions or concerns about Alcoholics Anonymous as the group I participated in was very open about why they were there and how Alcoholics Anonymous has helped them. The group’s website also has useful information on it. I had a humbling and positive experience during the meeting. It made me realize that there are people out there who want to recover from alcoholism and that the journey can be a difficult one but not impossible. It showed me the ups and downs of recovery and the importance of commitment and community. It also showed me the strength that those participants have to continue their journey. 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