NURS680B Advanced Health/Physical Assessment Week 3 Assignment

NURS680B Advanced Health/Physical Assessment
Week 3 Assignment
Gastrointestinal System (Shadow Health)
In this online assignment, you will:
Assess the gastrointestinal system of your patient, Tina Jones.
Document your findings in the SOAP note template within Shadow Health for practice.
Complete self-reflection prompts to help you think more deeply about your performance in the assignment. Reflective writing develops clinical reasoning skills as you grow and improve as a clinician, and gives instructors insight into your learning process. The more detail and depth provided in your responses, the more you will benefit from this activity.
This assignment is to be completed in Shadow Health. Even though your activity and responses will be recorded in Shadow Health’s system, complete the assignment in Blackboard as follows:
Click on the assignment name above.
Select the “Write Submission” option.
Type the word “Confirmed.”
Click “Submit” to save.
This assignment will take you approximately 65-85 minutes to complete.
In order to use the voice-to-text functionality in Shadow Health (not required), you will need to use the latest version of Chrome web browser.
You are welcome to revisit your Shadow Health assignment as many times as as you like, up until the assignment due date deadline; to leave the assignment open, do not click on “Submit” until you are satisfied with your performance.
If you accidentally submit your assignment and would like to revisit it, contact the Shadow Health support team (see below). The assignment cannot be reopened after the assignment due date.

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