Nursing Leader and Manager Jobs Discussion

Nursing Leader and Manager Jobs Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Nursing Leader and Manager Jobs Discussion Please respond to these 2 different discussions separately. The response should be 1 paragraph per discussion paper with a minimum of 100 words( not including references ). Also, 2 different reference and citation per each discussion. Nursing Leader and Manager Jobs Discussion **** It should be 2 separate response with one paragraph each**** The response should be done as a research with 1 reference each. I am a nursing student in Florida in case you need to know Style: APA References: 1 each double space Please see attachment for the discussion responses Please reply to Research # 1- Melany Need to reply with 1 paragraph with a minimum of 100 words. Include reference with citation minimum 1. Chapter 12: Leadership and Systems-Based Professional Nursing Practice What are some similarities and differences between the leadership role in nursing and the manager role in nursing? The leadership role and the manager role in nursing have numerous similarities and differences. The similarities between the two include the fact that both responsibilities require the professionals to interact with other workers every day. The nurse managers plan and supervise the day-to-day activities of other nurses. In contrast, the nurse leader focuses on developing healthcare organizations’ programs and ensuring that they are accomplished (Warshawsky & Cramer, 2019). Secondly, both roles strive to enable medical facilities to deliver holistic care to ailing individuals. They ensure that the needs of the ill persons receive care that is suited to their needs. Subsequently, the nurse leader and manager roles are similar in the soft skills that the individuals in the position must possess (Cziraki et al., 2018). They include competency in communicating eloquently, having excellent critical thinking skills, and having adequate interpersonal skills. Moreover, the differences between the leadership and managers role in nursing include the responsibilities that the two positions entail. While nurse managers supervise nurses and ensure that they complete their assigned tasks effectively, the nurse leaders execute critical programs, such as implementing healthcare organizations’ policies (Warshawsky & Cramer, 2019). Also, the nurse leader works at administrative levels overseeing the designing of strategies that can be used to improve patients’ care. In contrast, nurse managers work directly with the patients to ensure that the teams tasked with their care perform their tasks adequately (Cziraki et al., 2018). Additionally, the two roles require healthcare professionals to have different academic credentials. The leadership role requires certification as a clinical nurse leader, while the manager’s role needs a certified nurse leader and manager certificate. The individuals who specialize in the two areas learn different courses that equip them with different sets of skills to perform their respective roles competently. In conclusion, the leadership role and the managing role in nursing are two significant roles that are essential in healthcare organizations. Those serving in the two vital positions have similarities in the qualities they need to perform optimally. This qualities may include leadership skills, communication skills, and ability to work with others effectively while differing in their assigned tasks and the academic qualifications they possess. References Cziraki, K., Read, E., Laschinger, H. K. S., & Wong, C. (2018). Nurses’ leadership self-efficacy, motivation, and career aspirations. Leadership in Health Services . Warshawsky, N., & Cramer, E. (2019). Describing nurse manager role preparation and competency: findings from a national study. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration , 49 (5), 249-255. Please reply to Research # 2- Lorraine Need to reply with 1 paragraph with a minimum of 100 words. Include reference with citation minimum 1. Chapter 12: Leadership and Systems-Based Professional Nursing Practice What are some similarities and differences between the leadership role in nursing and the manager role in nursing? Leadership and management are two different ideologies which people use interchangeably but forget that the two are not synonymous in nature. A leader nurse is a registered nurse who usually influences and coordinates patients and their and families together with the health care teams to ensure an integration of the care provided in the health care centers to achieve positivity in the outcome of these patients (Murray et al., 2018). Manager Nurse on the other hand has the responsibility of managing all the nursing stuff in any health care facility. They are the overseers of the patients’ care, they carry out management role in decision making such as budgetary allocations, work schedules, coordinating the health care team meetings and personnel decision making. Nurse manager ensures that all function in a health care center is running efficiently and effectively and also manages the provision of educational and career enhancement opportunities. On the other hand, nurse leaders have their focus on setting of standards, spearheading any transformations, inspiring and influencing their subordinates and colleagues (Salvage et al., 2019). The roles of nurse leaders touch the whole organization as both staff and management look up on them for the knowledge, experience and the vision they portray. Nurse Managers provide clear communication and guidelines towards performance of all tasks and responsibilities of the fellow workers. However, nurse leaders and nurse managers have similarities in that they are motivators who positively influence theirs through setting of good examples. They are usually excellent decision makers who are able to coordinate and delegate duties to their teams (Silva et al., 2017). Both are committed to the wellbeing of patients, other health care workers and the health care facility at large. These two complement each other in the sense that functions well in presence of good leaders and both are individuals who earn respect and admiration from their fellow staff. References Murray, M., Sundin, D., & Cope, V. (2018). The nexus of nursing leadership and a culture of safer patient care. Journal of clinical nursing , 27 (5-6), 1287-1293. Salvage, J., & White, J. (2019). Nursing leadership and health policy: everybody’s business. International nursing review , 66 (2), 147-150. Silva, V. L. D. S., Camelo, S. H. H., Soares, M. I., Resck, Z. M. R., Chaves, L. D. P., Santos, F. C. D., & Leal, L. A. (2017). Leadership practices in hospital nursing: a self of manager nurses. Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 51 . Please contact me if you have any questions in regards to the instruction attachment_1 Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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