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presention for the reasearch proposal ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON presention for the reasearch proposal I need an explanation for this Health & Medical question to help me study. presention for the reasearch proposal i need a minimum of 12 slides powerpoint presentation(excluding title and references slides) only 1 attached document is with the instructions, the other 3 are to guide your presentation!! USE ONLY WHAT IS IN THE ATTACHED FILES AS SOURCE!! Attached is your graded Research Proposal. My comments are in Red. Feel free to address any of my comments in your Presentation in a few weeks, but don’t feel like you have to address them all. I feel like you struggled to communicate exactly what an operating room management system is and how it is used. You simply stated, in a lot of ways, that one was needed for better results. There was not a strong evidence of a well designed Randomized Controlled Trial. literature_review.docx critique_assignment.docx research_proposal_sam.docx presentation_guidelines.docx 1 Chernov, M., Pullockaran, J., Vick, A., Leyvi, G., & Delphin, E. (2016). Integrated Practice Improvement Solutions—Practical Steps to Operating Room Management. Title The title of the research is clearly stated; this is because the title is approached in two ways. The first approach tells the reader the general topic of the study, which is integrated 2 practice improvement solutions. The second part of the title hints the user on the specific approach of the research, which is practical steps to operating Room Management. This two-way approach is commendable as it signals to the reader on what to expect. Ir directly tells the reader what will be discussed throughout the paper. The reader then starts reading the articles with a clear picture of what to expect in mind. It further improves the reader’s engagement with the document leading to deeper understanding. Authors Considering the educational achievement of every author of the article, they seem qualified for the study. They all have a minimum of a master’s degree. It is a sign of competency to conduct the research satisfactorily. Moreover, it is crucial to note that their academic qualifications are directly linked to the area of study. This is a massive sign that the authors all have tremendous experiences in this matter and that they are more than capable of delivering an effective research paper. Problem The researchers do not distinctively section the problem statement. However, there is a slight mention of the study problem in the study abstract. It indicates that the researchers understood the study problem. However, the fact that they did not subsection it as a mini title suggests that the problem was not well captured for the study. Moreover, it implies that the researchers were only interested in directly addressing the issue without actually making the reader understand the question entirely. They should have had a specific problem section set aside to discuss the problem in greater depths, not only for the sake of the paper but also for the 3 sake of the reader. A clear problem statement indicates that the reader would relate more to the article. Review of Literature Also, there is no clear subtitle for a literature review section within the study. However, the approach to the literature review is evident in the methodology sections of the research. It is also apparent through the methodological approach that the researchers preferred primary information and data over the secondary data. Nonetheless, both data were used.presention for the reasearch proposal It is noticeable that most of the referenced materials are from the current century. However, some old references were also used; these include studies dating back to the 1990s, which is not ideal for medical research-based research. Study Framework The research’s structure is averagely appealing. A theoretical approach is applied in the use of Integrated Practice Improvement Solutions (IPIS). It indicates that the research’s plan and approach were well defined. Moreover, the reader doesn’t have to strain to understand the approach for the study. Also, the framework-effectiveness of this paper is evidenced. The authors do a great job of discussing all the essential concepts of the research throughout the article. Purpose/Hypothesis All the prementioned hypotheses were dully discussed throughout the study. The purpose of the research is stated right from the research’s title. The researchers also do a great job of ensuring that the whole research focuses on addressing these hypotheses and study purposes. The 4 hypotheses were tested, and conclusions made, which further highlights the research’s competency. Assumptions Numerous assumptions were used during the research. Using IPIS, a model to improve the efficiency of the Operating Room (OR), it was assumed that other significant factors remained constant. These factors include the professionalism of the healthcare providers and the medical technology used. Definitions The research only lists the key terms of the study, without explicitly explaining what they are for the sake of a novice reader. A word like OR efficiency will be troubling to a student researcher who wants to get information. It is a medical term, and a slight explanation would assist in the comprehension of the study. Sample The sampling procedure is well defined. A group of patients was sampled and observed before the application of IPIS. Another population group was studied after the implementation of the model as well. Only surgical rooms were considered as relevant research domains. Data Collection The method of data collection was not explicitly mentioned. However, it is quite clear that the method of direct observation was used to collect information and critical data. The 5 observation was an ideal method for the research because, considering the nature of the study, this was the ideal approach as it is cheap, fast, and most effective for this type of research. Methods The method of research involved a direct observation method. The observation was aimed at studying whether the efficiency of Operating rooms could be improved. The IPIS model was approached to bring the desired difference. One study was done without the model, and then another study was done with the inclusion of the model. Findings/Statistical Analysis The findings were indeed corresponding and crucial with the objective of the whole research. It is evidenced by the fact that previous studies done around similar subjects hugely support this research. It is clear from the study that the inclusion of the IPIS model had a significant influence on the efficiency of the Operating room. presention for the reasearch proposal Conclusions The findings of the study are quite significant. It is because the research has shown that the inclusion of the model can improve the efficiency of services offered in the OR. The study proved to be significant to the medical field at large since the findings of the study can be applied directly to the practice, which will undoubtedly improve the services and experiences of both patients and medical officers. Gupta, D. (2007). Surgical Suites’ Operations Management. Title 6 The title of the study is not directly clear. It is because it is a general topic (Surgical Suite’s Operations Management), as it does not offer a specific perception and approach of what the research will cover. It further means that the readers would have a difficult time while reading the paper. A great title is the one that explicitly offers a specific image of what is to be expected in the article. Unfortunately, in this document, the authors don’t achieve this objective, implying that the readers will have a difficult time accessing and relating to the paper. That is the power of a great, inclusive, and specific title. Authors The author of the article is well competent to offer reliable research. It is because the author, Diwakar Gupta, is a graduate in programming Industrial and Systems Engineering, Minnesota University, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His area of expertise is directly linked to the topic of research. It is, therefore, logical that the individual is capable of delivering excellent research. Problem The researcher does not subsection a problem subtopic for the research. It is, therefore, hard for a novice or a regular researcher to quickly identify the problem statement of the study. Even though the researcher mentions the problem lightly within the abstract, it is not entirely enough to help a reader understand the problem statement at a glance. It also implies that the researcher was only focused on diving directly to answer the question without ensuring that the reader has fully understood the problem statement that is being discussed. For the sake of the novice reader and a regular researcher, the author should have explicitly set a subtopic aside that 7 explains the problem statement being answered in the question. It would have improved the engagement of the researcher with the study.presention for the reasearch proposal Review of Literature There is no defined subtopic for the literature review within the research. Everything has been put together, especially within the lengthy introduction. However, the author discusses some pieces of literature that are related to the topic. These references include several current studies that are so appropriate, considering the dynamism of the science industry. Nonetheless, the researcher also includes older references from the late 90s, which is not entirely advisable. Study Framework The structure of the research is below average. It is because the author only introduces the study and then gets directly into discussing the problem and the research. He does don offer an excellent outline for the study. As a result, the research is not user friendly and appealing. However, the author tries to address most of the significant concepts about the research throughout the paper. The paper would have been more effective only if the author had focused on organizing the paper to create a desirable framework, just for the reader’s sake. Purpose/Hypothesis It is evident from the research that the individual has done a great job of mentioning the purpose of the research right from the beginning through the abstract. He spends the remaining part of the study directly expounding on the essential objectives of the study. Nonetheless, the paper would have been more engaging to the reader if the author would have created a subtopic that explicitly discusses the purposes and the hypotheses of the research. Also, listing the hypotheses in bullet/point forms rather than in paragraphs would have been more effective. 8 Assumptions The author approaches some key but basic assumptions to conduct the research. For instance, the researcher assumes that it is a fact that all surgical doctors need the operation’s suit to perform a medical operation. Also, the researcher assumes that there must be problems that medical officers go through with their suits while operating on patients. He turns this assumption into his research hypothesis. Definitions The study utilizes complex medical terms. However, the researcher only lists these terms in the (keywords) section but fails to describe what these terms mean.presention for the reasearch proposal It could prove difficult for a novice researcher or reader to understand these terms. Some of these words include surgical sequencing and scheduling and elective surgery bookings. Sample The research does a commendable job in selecting the managers of surgical suites and the surgical doctors as the primary sample participants. It is ideal as it includes those significant populations that mostly use the surgical suites and, as a result, face problems while using the suits. Data Collection The method of data collection is not clearly defined. It is because everything has been bundled up together introduction section and within the main subsections of the research. However, the researcher opted for secondary data found within the chosen resources. Methods 9 The researcher mainly approaches the reference materials for critical concepts within the methodology. However, the methodology section is not explicitly sub sectioned as an independent subtopic. Findings/Statistical Analysis The findings showed that the problem with surgical suits is just one of the many issues clinicians face while in the OR. However, an application of OR models could play considerable roles in reducing these issues. He, therefore, recommends this approach. It is a well-defined research finding. Also, the author does an impeccable job by suggesting research areas that other researchers can focus upon and further improve the experience of patients and medical doctors within the medical field. Conclusions The author concluded that different problems exist within the Operating room. To help improve this situation, he advises a lot of research to be focused on addressing the issues in the OR. However, he suggests that data analysis researches have made some efforts to address this issue. It is a relevant conclusion towards the field of study. The research is, therefore, validated and significant. Higgins, V., Bryant, M., Villanueva, E., & Kitto, S. (2011). Managing and avoiding delay in operating theatres: a qualitative, observational study. 10 Title The title is specific and direct. A researcher can easily understand what the paper will be talking about by having a glimpse at the research title. It is not a general topic. presention for the reasearch proposal Furthermore, the topic is divided into two sections. The section that informs the reader what the research will entail(managing and avoiding delay in operating theatres). The second part of the title informs the reader about the approach that will be used to conduct this study (A qualitative, observational study). It is ideal as it guides the reader. A specific title like this one is important to the reader as it provides a general framework of expectations for the readers. It prepares the readers for what to expect throughout the paper. Authors From the description, all the authors hold Ph.D. titles on courses that are directly related to the study title. It indicates that the authors are capable of providing commendable work. It also shows that the researchers have adequate skills and knowledge to complete the study adequately. Mentioning the academic achievement does a great responsibility of clearing doubts that the paper could face from readers. Also, mentioning the education achievement puts the paper safe from issues regarding credibility and quality. Problem The research does not have an explicitly indicated problem statement section in the study. However, the problem statement is incorporated within the study’s abstract, which suggests that the authors didn’t spend their time to understand and describe the problem for the research adequately. They were only concerned about offering solutions to the study. Moreover, it implies that the researchers were only interested in directly addressing the problem without actually 11 making the reader understand the question entirely. They should have had a specific problem section set aside to discuss the issue in greater depths, not only for the sake of the paper but also for the sake of the reader. A clear problem statement indicates that the reader would relate more to the article. Review of Literature The study also lacks an objectively defined literature review section. The approach to the literature review is, however, evidenced through the inclusion of the secondary resources in the references. These references are used throughout the paper. It is not a perfect approach, though, as the reader will have to strain to get access to the literature used in the research. Moreover, the authors do a great job of ensuring that most of the research references are current and significant to the study. Nonetheless, other older research, even from the late 90s, has been included for referencing. It is not ideal because the science and medical world is a dynamic industry, and facts that may have been relevant twenty years ago may prove to be irrelevant at this age. Study Framework The study’s framework is excellent as the whole paper is structured in a proper manner that attracts and encourages the reader to continue reading the article. Significant parts of the research are explicitly subsections and highlighted to guide the reader while accessing the paper. Also, it is essential to note that the authors did a great job in the paper by ensuring that most of the critical concepts regarding the paper are dully focused on and discussed throughout the article. Purpose/Hypothesis 12 The authors explicitly stated the purposes of the paper earlier within the abstract. presention for the reasearch proposal The research then focuses on addressing these objectives throughout the article. Moreover, the hypotheses are listed in paragraph forms. It is not the greatest of approaches anyway. It would have been more efficient if the authors listed the hypotheses in point forms rather than in paragraphs. Nonetheless, the authors did an exemplary job in addressing these hypotheses as they were tested adequately. Assumptions The authors applied appropriate assumptions to the study, even though they were not explicitly mentioned. For instance, the authors assumed that surgical physicians are well equipped and that the delay in surgical work is not related to the competencies of the clinical workers whatsoever. Also, the authors assumed that the tools of surgical operations function optimally and that the only causes for delays are due to the processes of operations within the surgical room. Definitions The research only highlighted some of the critical medical terminologies within the keywords section. However, a clear description of these terms is not provided, which makes it inconvenient for novice learners and researchers to relate and grasp the knowledge. Some of these words include organizational efficiency and professional autonomy. Sample The research sampled two hospitals within the Australian region. One of the hospitals was a metropolitan one while the other one was a regional hospital. It is a spectacular approach for research because it provides ranges for the inclusion of all types of data. The broader the 13 scope of research, the more effective the research is to real life. The sample size of the study is 30, which is an acceptable data range for such a study. Data Collection The data was collected through the processes of direct observations of patients and the surgical rooms. The information collected was then recorded inappropriate table formats and recorded as either metropolitan od regional hospital data. It is an example of an effective data collection method as it is sectioned accurately for easy analysis. Methods The research objectively lists the section for methodology, which is an excellent approach as it improves the overall structure and framework of the paper. Moreover, the research approaches primary data collectin by the process of a qualitative, observational method. It is an excellent approach since most primary data are always free from credibility issues as compared to secondary data. Findings/Statistical Analysis The research also has a findings section that explicitly mentions the research findings. Moreover, the results were relevant to the objectives of the study. presention for the reasearch proposal Also, the findings of the study were supported by other studies mentioned in the references list. It is also interesting that the authors provided the recommendations for future works within the same area. It is a comprehensive statement of findings. Conclusions 14 The research did an excellent job of identifying operational activities that contribute to delay and time consumption within the Operating Room. Moreover, it provides credible recommendations for strategies that can be approached to reduce these time delays. Luo, L., Luo, Y., & Qin, C. (2016). Admission Control Policies for Surgery Patients. 15 Title The authors did a great job of writing the research topic. It is specific and straightforward (Admission Control Policies for Surgery Patients), as it provides the reader with a clear picture of what will be discussed throughout the paper. Moreover, the title is very specific. It is an ideal title as it ushers the reader into the document by clearly painting the picture of what the reader will be reading throughout the article. An engaging title is crucial to any research paper, and it dictates how the reader will perceive the entire article. Authors Unfortunately, the authors have not clearly stated their academic achievements within the introduction sections of the paper. It is, therefore, difficult to judge their competency to provide professional and quality research within this field. It would have been ideal if the authors listed their academic and professional achievements. Indicating the academic and professional achievement is a necessary ap … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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