Proliferations of Scientific Medical Journals: A Burden or A Blessing Discussion

Proliferations of Scientific Medical Journals: A Burden or A Blessing Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Proliferations of Scientific Medical Journals: A Burden or A Blessing Discussion I don’t understand this Health & Medical question and need help to study. there are some short videos and artical to summaries each one and what do you think about them please. Proliferations of Scientific Medical Journals: A Burden or A Blessing Discussion hsa_416_week_1_basic_concepts.pptx Basic Health Information Systems Concepts HSA-416 WEEK 1 Getting to Know Each Other My name is Keith Kelley. I was raised in Evansville. Went to IU for undergrad. Moved to Columbus, OH for a banking job after college. Got married and moved to Indy. When I moved, I joined Franciscan Alliance as a financial systems consultant. While working, I got an MBA at Butler. I took a job at Howard Regional in Kokomo as CIO. After a few years, I relocated to Evansville and took a job at Ascension Health. I was then recruited to run a consulting company. In 2004, I started my own consulting company. In 2005, I started teaching this course. In 2008, I started consulting with the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE). In 2009, I became employed by IHIE and now I am the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Teaching this course is a way of giving back to the community and investing in the future of health administrative executives. Introduce Yourself Preferred Name Hometown Experience in healthcare and/or Information Systems Career goal of leveraging the MHSA Issues with online instruction? Preferences with online instruction? Syllabus review No Textbook! In 15 years, I preferred a whiteboard over PowerPoint. Ironically, with online teaching I feel compelled to use PowerPoint on a limited basis. A few years ago, I started weekly assignments. I have found this helped keep the students engaged and puts all your content in one place for future reference. What is the best tool for posting weekly assignments? My plan is to send out weekly PowerPoint outlines, links to articles and videos, and describing weekly assignments. I expect that we will meet for about an hour on most Mondays Why are Information Systems Important? •Healthcare is an information intense industry •Clinical best practices, information management, and technology capabilities are changing rapidly •Most patients see many different healthcare providers, and information needs to be coordinated across providers and other healthcare stakeholders. •Most factors impacting health occur outside of the hospital. It is critical for information acquired outside of hospitals is part of the patient’s health record. • Why are Electronic Medical Records Important? •Electronic Medical Records (aka Electronic Health Records) are the source of truth about the patient’s health history. It is critical that clinicians capture and organize information consistently. •In hospitals, Electronic Medical Records are a combination of many information systems from different vendors. An important function is to integrate the information from these multiple sources into one record. •An important tool that hospitals use to manage information between systems is an interface engine. For example, if the lab uses a different system that the registration department, important information needs to flow between these systems. If a patient is allergic to penicillin, it is critical that the lab department knows this. • Inputs and Outputs Inputs – The process of capturing health information into a system. Providers spend a lot of time entering data into computers. Organizing inputs – Captured information is organized, stored and available to be retrieved. Proliferations of Scientific Medical Journals: A Burden or A Blessing Discussion This is typically an IT function that emphasizes routine functions like billing or to have an electronic version of the patient medical record. Outputs – The process of creating actionable knowledge from the information stored. This knowledge leads to analytics and decision support. Historically, resources creating actionable knowledge has been lacking. This is now a growing aspect to improve health outcomes. Actionable Knowledge Analytics – Process to analyze information to create insights. For example, a health system may create a diabetes registry to improve the health of diabetic patients. By analyzing information, the health system can develop proactive care interventions. Predictive Analytics – Process to analyze information to predict behaviors. For example, Emergency Department can analyze information to predict with patients are most likely to return within 30 days. Decision Support – Process to analyze information to assist decision makers. A common example is a physician prescribing medication for patients. The system prompts the physician if the patient is on another medication that may contra-indicate (cause harm) to the patient. … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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