Psychological Treatment Plan Essay

Psychological Treatment Plan Essay Psychological Treatment Plan Essay Deloris is a 28-year-old Asian female. She has two children, one boy, Markus, 10-years-old and one girl, Frabertta, 6-years-old. Deloris lives in Yahayderfieldvilletown, Alabama.Psychological Treatment Plan Essay She was recently living in a one-bedroom trailer in a trailer park down by the Possum River. The bank home repossessed the trailer, recently. Deloris states that her mother, Montana Idaho, was the owner of the trailer home and that she forgot to pay her mortgage for six or seven months. Deloris has been working as a dispatcher at the Happy Dappy Cab Company in Pepelapue, Alabama. Deloris admits to feelings of boredom and, at times, agitated while at work. She claims that she may very well be “under skilled” for the dispatcher position. She would prefer to be a cab driver. Deloris was referred to Williams, Levinson, and Pekofsky Chemical Dependence Hospital by the emergency room at Barkinthepark Hospital in Pepelapue. Prior to the emergency room visit, Deloris had been using alcohol every day. She had been trying to hide it for “some time now.” Deloris admits to drink both beer and hard liquor. On average, she drinks six to eight drinks per day and as much as sixteen in one night. She smokes marijuana two or three times a month. Her first drink was at age fourteen and her first joint was at age sixteen. Deloris has been drinking heavily for seven years. Just after Deloris was let go from the Happy Dappy Cab Company for drinking while at work and causing three cabs to go to pick up the same lady, Deloris went to the Shackalackadingdong Bar and Grill. She remembers drinking six shots of Tequila, four beers, two margaritas, and a glass of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. She then picked up her son from a friend’s house.Psychological Treatment Plan Essay Her son took what seemed like a long time. She became angry and frustrated at him. They argued briefly and Deloris remembers whacking him in the face. His nose began to bleed. Upsetting Deloris, she wasn’t paying attention and hit the tree in front of her. Permalink: psychological-treatment-plan-essay / ? Treatment is a journey that not all individuals experience with similar thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. In order to plan the best course of treatment for an individual, how a person processes thoughts, expresses emotions, or views, recovery needs to be taken into consideration. In addition, personal histories, family dynamics, and support networks should be considered when designing an individual treatment plan. These vary according to the individual. Individualized treatment plans allow the individual to recover in a way that is the best fit for them emotionally, socially, and cognitively. There may be some overlap in treatment such as attendance at 12-step meetings or group therapy; however, the treatment plan should encompass the unique situation of each person. This may include individualized therapy plans with a therapist that can address specific psychological or behavioral issues. When a person enters treatment, there may be overwhelming feelings associated with shame or guilt and these will need to be addressed on an individual therapeutic basis. There may be individuals who require a more comprehensive treatment approach in terms of medical evaluations.Psychological Treatment Plan Essay Physical issues should be assessed on an individual basis and treated accordingly based on severity of need. Therapists will assess and review the possibility of needing a physician’s intervention to ensure psychological issues do not have a biological component. Some individuals may need to be treated through pharmacological measures and others may need more intense interventions such as detoxification. These would require physical intervention from a physician. If an individual has been ordered to complete treatment by the courts, there may be a need to address any corresponding feelings of helplessness, anger, or resentment. If not addressed, these can lead to an escalation of non-compliant behavior while in treatment. These emotional, physical,social, or psychological issues are as individual as the person who enters treatment; therefore, it is not only important but also necessary to develop treatment plans that complement the individual and their unique recovery needs. The goal of treatment is sustained recovery and learning new ways in which to manage life and corresponding stressors and even though the goal might be the same, how one reaches this goal will vary depending on individual need.Psychological Treatment Plan Essay Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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