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Psychology In Healthcare Organizations Psychology In Healthcare Organizations The World Health Organization (WHO) was established in 1948 to deal with major health issues of the world. Some of the tasks the organization looks after are to co-ordinate medical research, monitor and combat the infectious diseases of the world, and to help developing countries set up adequate health services. The WHO has over 150 member countries with its headquarters Geneva, Switzerland. The aim of the WHO is ‘to help people attain the highest possible levels of health.Psychology In Healthcare Organizations The services of the agency may either be advisory or technical[1]. Some services include training of medical personnel, combating disease outbreaks and …show more content… The man in Hanoi at first was suffering minor symptoms of pneumonia, which then multiplied into fever and difficulty in breathing in less than a week. Since then the disease has spread to over 13 countries with 8404 reported cases and 779 reported deaths around the world. The initial ‘hot-zones’ of the SARS virus after moving out from Guangdong were Hong Kong, Hanoi, Singapore and Toronto.Psychology In Healthcare Organizations Permalink: psychology-in-he…re-organizations / ? The virus initially found a way to successfully spread itself from person to person. This method was when an infected person went to hospital; he/she would spread it to the unaware medical team, who in turn would spread it to their patients. From only a few cases the SARS virus escalated to 150 reported cases in March, then to 6000 in the end of April, then 7000 and now 8000. The typical middle class American family has four people, two children and two working adults. The combined income of the household amounts to an average net pay of $84,431 a year and $60,000 of it is spent on everyday expenses (United States Census Bureau). Health care in the United States is currently a free-market in which private companies charge customers for their medical coverage. In the current system, it costs about $8,400 per household for medical Psychology In Healthcare Organizations coverage in a year (Rising Health Care Costs). That only leaves about $16,000 for emergency money or money used for other recreational activities. The typical middle class American families would also have other luxuries that working class families would not have, and they lack some of the luxuries that upper class families have. These numbers would change a little with universal health care coverage because there would not be $8,400 allotted for health insurance, however,the salaries would be less due to an increase in taxestaken out used to help pay for universal insurance. The middle class families would not be impacted as much as working class families who struggle to make it through the month on a tight budget. Not all employers pay for insurance for their employees and those people need to go through a different company in order to have insurance. This probability could cost the family extra, and would add to their expenses. Other companies pay for all insurance claims needed by the employee and only have them pay off a small deductible.Psychology In Healthcare Organizations As a teenager, my aunt once lived with us and I remember my dad said vividly “Aunty X is ill and will be with us for a little while, let’s provide her with all the necessary support she needs”, however; my dad never disclosed the type of ailment she was suffering from. I was home alone with my dad as my other siblings were already studying in the university. During the period of providing care, I observed some strange and unexplainable behaviour in her. For example, she left the stove on with nothing on it, she was observed to have poor concentration, and poor hygiene, talks to self and very suspicious of others. However, on this fateful day, she left home with no one’s knowledge and she never returned till date. At that point my dad told me she was suffering from mental illness. This particular incident spurred my interest in mental health and mental illness. I researched intensively on mental illness, learning as much as I could about the treatment and prognosis.Psychology In Healthcare Organizations One of the steps of learning more about mental illness was to get admitted into school of nursing to study general nursing. During my practicum in the mental health unit and the exposure on theoretical courses offered, my curiosity in the area of psychiatric nursing was ignited. When I graduated from the school of nursing, I decided to specialise in psychiatric nursing, as this was my area of interest. Furthermore, after completing my Diploma in psychiatric nursing, I worked in a mental health unit for 3 years. Fuelled with the desire to learn further and expand my horizon, I realized that no school offers psychiatric nursing degree course in Nigeria, let alone master. So, I began my journey to Canada. Arriving Canada, I enrolled for my Psychiatric nursing degree.Psychology In Healthcare Organizations Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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