Purdue University HSA 416 Week 1 Basics of Clinical Decision Support System Paper

Purdue University HSA 416 Week 1 Basics of Clinical Decision Support System Paper ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Purdue University HSA 416 Week 1 Basics of Clinical Decision Support System Paper there are some short videos and articles to summarize each one and what do you think about them please 3 articles and 2 youtube videos – write minimum 200 words for each, on a separate page (TOTAL 1000 words minimum) Purdue University HSA 416 Week 1 Basics of Clinical Decision Support System Paper articles and Video links are in the powerpoint slides . I will give you an example pf what will you do The first article I thought explained scientific medical journals really well, and I found it interesting that it is the most explosive field of publication. I do believe that the title, introduction, and abstract are very important due to saving time when looking into other research. I personally am a big fan of abstracts due to saving time and being able to tell if this journal pertains to what I am searching for. I also think the year of publication is VERY important because technology and health care changes so much that you would want a more present journal if you would want to implement an idea or practice within the facility. I think Regina Holliday’s video is very interesting about timely access to electronic records. Regina could be very bitter towards the hospitals, yet she loves health IT and she is happy that it is improving. It saddened me to hear that medical records informed her that it would be 73 cents per page and a 21 day wait to see her husband’s medical records. If only they had the records sooner, her husband could of had a better ending. Her interview showed that people need to be able to access their medical records sooner rather than later. It should not cost money nor take as long to receive the information. Larry Weed’s video in 1971 shows that one human is not able to remember everything and every single patient. While electronic record were not thought of yet, one can look at it now and see that the past needed this technology due to human error. Paper records are great but electronic is able to be pulled up in any workspace and multiple people are able to see it instead of having to dig in a pile. Now records are user friendly with different categories that physicians can choose from instead of having to skim the whole paper records. In the article, “10- High Key Value Use Cases for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare,” one of the ten key values that stood out to me the most was avoiding the 30- day hospital visits. I know that many insurance companies have where they do not have to pay if a patient is admitted a second time within a 30 day period. I think this has its positive and negative affects. I believe this ensures that staff will do their best to care for the patient without releasing them with complications. Patients get quality care with this being implemented. I think it is negative due to physicians and other health care workers only being able to give advice on preventative care instead of being able to watch a patient full time. For example, a patient could be told not to smoke, but then they could continue to smoke and end up back in the hospital. It is also sad due to a patient could be back into the hospital for a totally different reason, and insurance still be able to deny paying because of it being within the thirty days. I think there are some major kinks that need to be worked out between whether the hospital gave efficient care versus whether a patient did what they were supposed to do. The last article, “Understanding the Basics of Clinical Decision Support Systems,” it kind of reiterates about the alerts which I spoke about previously. There can be undesired alerts, but those can typically fixed in updates. I think the alerts are very important when accessing a patient’s information because you could save a patient’s life by preventing the usage of medication that one is allergic to or using gloves without latex. Overall, I believe that we are able to see how important information systems are. If it was not for technology improving, there would be a higher death rate and more human error due to not having enough knowledge. Purdue University HSA 416 Week 1 Basics of Clinical Decision Support System Paper hsa_416_week_1_basic_con Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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