Purdue University NUR 3655 Organization Culture Assessment Discussion

Purdue University NUR 3655 Organization Culture Assessment Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Purdue University NUR 3655 Organization Culture Assessment Discussion I’m working on a nursing question and need guidance to help me study. Purdue University NUR 3655 Organization Culture Assessment Discussion Organizational Cultural Competence Purpose: To assess the degree to which the healthcare organization where you are employed promotes culturally competent care. In addition, you will explore strategies to promote cultural competence in health care organizations. Guidelines: Complete this template (by Dennison) based on your current or most recent healthcare employment setting. Organizational Culture Assessment Upload your completed assessment tool to this forum. Failure to attach the completed tool will result in a zero for the original post. Open Sutton’s article on improving cultural competence in patient care. Read-only the introduction and the section entitled “How is your practice doing?” Based on your results from the Organizational Cultural Assessment tool, please answer the following questions about your agency: Should healthcare organizations strive for cultural competence? Why or why not? Support your statements with scholarly sources. Based on Sutton’s “How is your practice doing?” discuss how individual nurses influence cultural sensitivity and competence of health care organizations as a whole. Discuss what your organization is doing to provide the best care for the primary multi-ethnic and multi-cultural patient populations served. For example, your agency may be educating providers about different ethnic or cultural beliefs and practices, use specific services or programs for healthcare teaching, mandate cultural assessments, engage community liaisons for specific patient populations, or engage in other initiatives. Based on these assessment results, describe the greatest strength and the major concerns or weaknesses within your organization. Describe agency-appropriate strategies to improve the areas of weakness in serving your community. Please see attachment for organization culture assessment template,please add the overall average score for agency. Also please open the sutton’s article.Please used these to answer the questions. add citations/references/scholarly sources. attachment_1 St. Petersburg College RN-BSN Program NUR 3655: Nursing in a Multicultural Society ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE Denison Culture Survey Directions: Give your organization a score on a scale of 1 to 5 for the following questions Answer each question based on how you feel about your organization. Try to be as objective as possible Add your scores in each section to obtain your score for each culture factor. Average the scores. Then, refer to the chart to see your organization’s culture percentile score 1=Strongly Disagree 2=Disagree 3=Neutral 4=Agree 5=Strongly Agree Mission Score Our strategic direction is clear to me 5 We continuously track our progress against our stated goals 5 Our vision creates excitement and motivation for our employees 5 TOTAL (add scores) 15 Consistency Score When disagreements occur, we work hard to achieve “win-win” solutions 5 It is easy to coordinate projects across different parts of the organization 3 Ignoring core values will get you in trouble 5 TOTAL (add scores) 13 Involvement Score Everyone believes that he or she can have a positive impact 5 Work is organized so that each person can see the relationship between his or her job and the goals of the organization 4 The “bench strength” (capability of people) is constantly improving 4 TOTAL (add scores) 13 Adaptability Score New and improved ways to do work are continually adopted 4 Customer input directly influences our decisions 5 We view failure as an opportunity for learning and improvement 5 TOTAL (add scores) 14 Overall Average Score for Agency For each of the above culture traits: If you had a score of… Your percentile score is … Your cultural diagnosis is … 3-5 1 st Quartile (0-25%) CULTURAL DANGER ZONE – Your organization’s cultural infrastructure is crumbling. Most likely your organization’s performance is being hindered – and perhaps seriously threatened – by weakness in these cultural areas. Define your organization’s performance targets and immediately focus on moving the needle within those cultural areas driving those goals 6-8 2 nd Quartile (26-50%) CULTURAL ATTENTION REQUIRED – While your organization has some cultural strength, this has probably occurred by accident rather than through targeted cultural development. Continued cultural work in targeted areas will be required to create a healthy, strong and sustainable business for a changing world 9-12 3 rd Quartile (51-75%) CULTURAL OPPORTUNITIES – Your organization clearly had some important cultural strengths – which you have either consciously developed or have naturally directed. Those strengths will serve as your resource and support as you target your culturally weak areas going forward. 13-15 4 th Quartile (76-100%) CULTURAL STRENGTH – Congratulations. Your organization is standing on a strong foundation of cultural strength. The question now becomes, is your cultural strength in precisely the areas which will drive the performance you are seeking? Remember, your continual attention to culture will be required to sustain this health and strength going forward. Purdue University NUR 3655 Organization Culture Assessment Discussion Adapted from www.jacksonandschmidt.com Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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