Renewable Energy in Automobile Industry Discussion

Renewable Energy in Automobile Industry Discussion Renewable Energy in Automobile Industry Discussion looked over the reserach paper topics that folks posted in the Blackboard Discussion thread and provided feedback – lots of good ideas out there! If you have any other questions or need help finding more references for your proposed topic, please let me know and I will lend a hand. For yoru reference, I’ve also attached the research paper guidelines – remember the basic requirements: minimum 5 pages and 10 references. tips_on_writing_ Some Tips on Writing Your Research Paper for Energy & Society As stated in your syllabus, part of your evaluation for this course (100 points) is writing a research paper on an energy theme of your choice. If you have difficulty thinking of a theme, the class discussion threads certainly offer many ideas! The main challenge is to NOT choose a topic that is so big that you are unable to investigate it seriously given the limited time and energy you have to successfully complete this course. For example, the “Future of the Global Oil Industry” is way too broad for such a short research paper, while, “Future of the Tar Sands Oil Industry in Canada” might be more feasible. Your paper should be AT LEAST five pages long (actual text – double spaced, normal 12 point font, normal margins), though it certainly can be longer if you wish. Five pages minimum means a full five pages – not a cover page with four pages of text, five pages with lots of graphs and photos interspersed (those should be included as an appendix) or a fifth page with just one sentence on it. Your paper should also include at least 10 references. East Tennessee State University Renewable Energy in Automobile Industry Discussion. Renewable Energy in Automobile Industry Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL NURSING PAPERS It is perfectly fine to locate a source that is online – such as a newspaper article that is archived on a particular website – but it is not acceptable to cite only Wikipedia entries for your bibliography. References can also include more than printed materials (like books, newspapers, and magazines). For instance, you can certainly cite personal interviews, movies, or radio/television programs if you found them useful in your research. In terms of citation formats, either APA or MLA is fine, as long as you are consistent throughout your research paper and bibliography. Here are two Quick Citation Guides for reference: If you have further questions/concerns about the research paper, please contact me directly. The Madison College Writing Center is also available to assist you if you would like help with grammar, formatting, and the like – they have been very helpful to other students in the past. … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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