Respiratory Pathophysiology Discussion

Respiratory Pathophysiology Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Respiratory Pathophysiology Discussion I have provided instructions how to do this assignment in an attachment with the assignment. Rasmussen College NUR 2063 Mod 8 Respiratory Pathophysiology Discussion attachment_1 attachment_2 J.S. is a 42-year-old man who lives in the Midwest and is highly allergic to dust and pollen and has a history of mild asthma. J.S’s wife drove him to the emergency room when his wheezing was unresponsive to his fluticasone/salmeterol (Advair) inhaler. J.S. was unable to lie down, and began to use accessory muscles to breathe. J.S. is immediately started on 4 L oxygen by nasal cannula and intravenous (IV) D5W at 75 mL/hr. A set of arterial blood gases is sent to the laboratory. J.S. appears anxious and says that he is short of breath. Respiratory Pathophysiology Discussion Vital signs BP = 152/84 HR = 124 bpm RR = 42 Temp = 100.40F ABGs pH = 7.31 PaCO2 = 48 HCO3 = 26 PaO2 = 55 Investigate the condition of asthma and the manifestations of the disease. Analyze the case study provided and determine what symptoms support the diagnosis of asthma. Identify the treatment provided in the emergency department and determine what additional therapies are needed to mitigate the asthma symptoms and return the client to wellness. Do you have any concerns with the numbers above? Identify what may be causing J.S. to have an exacerbation of asthma. Prepare a 3-5 page paper outlining the causes of asthma, the symptoms that the client presents and the management of the disorder. Use at least one scholarly source to support your findings. Examples of scholarly sources include academic journals, textbooks, reference texts, and CINAHL nursing guides. Be sure to cite your sources in-text and on a References page using APA format. You can find useful reference materials for this assignment in the School of Nursing guide: Have questions about APA? Visit the online APA guide: Module 08 Assignment Module 8 Assignment: Respiratory Pathophysiology Your Name Rasmussen College NUR2063: Essentials of Pathophysiology Instructor Desautels Month Day, 2020 Module 8 Assignment: Respiratory Pathophysiology Write your introduction to the paper here. Introductions typically include a brief summary of what the purpose of your paper is. In this case, perhaps you want to introduce your reader to the subject of your case study of J.S. or the overall topic of your paper.. Remember, in scholarly writing, refer to yourself as “this author” instead of “I” or “me”. Pathogenesis of Asthma Here include the pathogenesis of asthma. Remember that pathogensis is referring to the steps that take place in the body that contribute to the disease/condition/alteration in health, typically on a cellular level (Banasik & Copestead, 2019) If you do need to “borrow” someone else’s words because you really can’t figure out how to restate it, make sure to use “” around the short phrase and use in-text citations (Last name, year, page #). See the APA Guide for more. A thorough discussion of pathogenesis will earn up to 15 points. Etiology of Asthma In this section discuss the detailed etiology of asthma. Think of etiology as the cause, or reason. What factor (or more often, factors) can contribute to a person developing asthma? What might be causing J.S. to have an exacerbation of asthma? A thorough discussion of etiology of asthma and asthma exacerbations will earn up to 15 points. Clinical Manifestations of Asthma This section is a discussion of the clinical manifestations of asthma. What are the signs? What are the symptoms? Do they appear right away? Do they change over time? What might the results of diagnostic tools, labs or assessments be? Analyze the case study and determine which symptoms support the diagnosis of asthma. Do you have any concerns with any of the values in the case study? This section is worth up to 10 points for a thorough discussion of clinical manifestations of asthma AND J.S.’s presenting symptoms that support the diagnosis. Review of Treatment In this section you should review the treatment for J.S. that was provided in the Emergency Department (ED) and determine which additional therapies are needed to mitigate the asthma symptoms and retun the client to wellness. Support your statements with rationale and the support of scholarly source(s). Consider going to the Rasmussen Library and searching for scholarly sources there. Link to online library search page: This section is worth up to 5 points. You may choose to use additional headings for the various provider orders. If so, follow this format for headings. Conclusion Here is where you wrap everything up that you discussed in this 3-5 page paper in a couple of sentences. Remember to go back and review for spelling, grammar, and APA. The mechanics of the paper are worth up to 5 points. You must use 2-3 evidence-based articles from peer-reviewed journals or scholarly sources to support your statements. Do not forget about the resources you have available to you! Here is information on how to use the writing lab (someone to review your paper and give you feedback on content, spelling/grammar, or APA). There is a 24-hour turn around time, so plan ahead if you are using this source: For this paper, you are REQUIRED to submit a plagiarism check as a pdf with your submission. Here is information on how to get and use Grammarly: References Author’s Last Name, First initial. Middle initial. (Year). Title of article. Journal Title, Volume Number(Issue number), Page numbers. http://URL for journal home page OR database permalink Banasik, J. L., & Copestead, L.C. (2019). Pathophysiology (6th ed.). [Bookshelf Ambassadored]. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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