Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper

Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Perspective: The State of Patient Experience Healthcare industry has undergone a tremendous transformation in recent years. The primary objectives behind these developments are to ensure and improve patients’ safety and overall experience. Both government and private hospitals are working arduously to provide quality health services to the patients. Nonetheless, the cost of healthcare has increased exorbitantly during the past few years. A huge amount of money has been spent on infrastructure, technology, and digitalization of the industry, while priority issues such as patients’ safety, care and welfare have been ignored constantly. Unfortunately, this imprudent planning and execution made healthcare a luxury for many patients.Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Permalink: role-and-importa…ence-essay-paper / ? It is evident that if we want to render better and equal healthcare services to all patients, we must determine our priorities clearly. The success of any healthcare organization depends on the satisfaction level of its patients; therefore, it is essential to consider their opinions and concerns before designing a strategic plan. Currently, most of the decisions regarding healthcare management are either taken by the senior authorities or financial advisors. Usually, these people have a keen understanding of the business, but have limited knowledge about serious health issues and patients’ requirements.Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Additionally, there is always a communication gap between administration and doctors regarding priority issues. Physicians emphasize on patient-centric care, however, business leaders are more interested in designing a profit-centric organization. The significant amount of money is spent on promotions and advertisement rather than in improving products or services (Merlino & Gandolf, 2016). Such strategy results in patients’ dissatisfaction and lack of trust in the system and consequently, many patients switch to online information and put themselves in more danger. To avoid these issues, business executives, economists, doctors, and patients must work collectively. Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Workshops and training programs should be designed to teach the importance of strategic planning and execution. Doctors and nurses should develop more empathetic and friendly attitude towards patients so that they can share their needs and apprehensions without hesitation (Merlino & Gandolf, 2016). Frequent inspections should be conducted to ascertain the quality of infrastructure, medical equipment, and treatment plans so that patient can receive high-quality services. Transparency in healthcare is another major concern. Most of the hospitals and doctors do not prefer to share their knowledge and information with patients. Many patients are unaware of the advantages and disadvantages of different treatment plans and do not have any active involvement in decision-making. Physicians argue that patients lack enough medical qualifications to understand the diseases and treatment options and therefore, are not involved in decision-making. However, patients prefer inclusive care and want to have an open discussion with their health care providers regarding available treatment plans.Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Moreover, there is a dearth of data on physicians’ educational background and clinical practices. Neither doctors, nor hospitals want to report their clinical errors or grading and keep them a secret (Kachalia, 2013). Additionally, patients do not get access to their own health records. Due to this, there is a lack of trust between patients and physicians. A transparent system is a must to enhance the credibility of health care services. Such system will not only increase patients’ trust, but will also provide them the freedom to make their own choices. Legislation can play a critical role in bringing transparency in the healthcare. The government should set standards for the evaluation and grading of a healthcare organization and share these reports on-line for the public welfare. These initiatives will surely help patients to make better decisions and escalate their faith in the system.Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Last decade has witnessed drastic reformations in healthcare industry. Today, most hospitals are equipped with sound infrastructure, latest medical technologies, and professional and well-trained staff members. Both administration and physicians understand the need of training and emphasize on providing value-based services. Doctors and nurses are trained to develop compassion and patience towards patients. Consequently, patients feel more connected to their healthcare providers and show more trust in the services. Hospitals and other health care organizations are constantly trying to improve their brands by providing best possible services to their patients.Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Healthcare reforms have helped in providing affordable medical services to all patients, while ensuring their safety and satisfaction (Leape, 2015). Patients play a crucial role in selecting their treatment plan. Empathetic and intuitive interventions not only increase the recovery process but also assure mental and emotional well-being of the patient after a chronic disease. ost organizations acknowledge that patient’s experience is of utmost importance to provide quality services, nevertheless, they lack a strategic planning to achieve these goals. There are various factors that can influence patients’ experience, including hospital’s infrastructure, management, waiting time, the attitude of doctors or other staff members, safety, cost-effectiveness of a treatment plan and market share of an organization. Although, each factor has its own importance, patients’ safety is the most important element of any healthcare organization. Additionally, business leaders and executives should organize various training programs for the professional and emotional development of their staff members. Robust financial planning is also needed to reduce the healthcare cost while maintaining the quality and authenticity of the services. Future research needs to focus on patients’ perspectives and market demands to develop a more pragmatic strategy for healthcare reformation. Communication is the beginning steps to providing an individual with patient care. Patient care can be interrupted when there is a lack of communication or a misunderstanding, unfortunately any disruption can lead to adverse events and/or death. Clinical communication is very different from the basic elements of effective communication.Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Health care communication also requires seven essential steps as opposed to basic communication which requires fewer steps. Health care communication and adherence improves by building physician-patient relationship. Basic Communication Communication begins with two individuals, or an individual and a group. The basic elements of communication are the sender’s ability to send a message to the receiver, confirm that they’ve understood and receive feedback from the receiver. The difference between effective and basic communication is the receiver’s ability to retain and repeat the information and/or provide feedback. Health Care Communication Many differences exist between health care communication and basic communication; these differences can also result in different outcomes such as lack of clinical communication or misunderstanding can result in adverse events or even death. Physician approach can also have impact on adherence. Typically a conversation begins with relating to one’s listener to establish active listening. However, in healthcare relating to one’s patient may be viewed as offensive, which is why in the article Essential Elements of Communication in Medical Encounters Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper The Importance of the Patient Experience By Debra Wood, RN, contributor What is your definition of the term, “the patient experience”? Christina Dempsey, RN, MSN, MBA, chief nursing officer at Press Ganey, defines the patient experience as the totality of the clinical, operational, cultural and behavioral care provided. Dempsey reported evidence exists linking patient experience with clinical outcomes, including a systematic review published in BMJ Open in 2013, which found a positive association between patient experience and clinical effectiveness and patient safety. And a 2014 study in the Annals of Surgery found higher patient satisfaction scores were associated with higher surgical quality.Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper “Nurses are pivotal to the patient experience,” said Maggie Rafferty, DHA, RN, chief experience officer for Dignity Health’s St. Rose Dominican Hospitals in Las Vegas, Nev., who is responsible for processes, excellence in care delivery and making improvements. Mary Beth Modic, DNP, RN, CDE is a clinical nurse specialist in diabetes at the Cleveland Clinic and lead author of one of the articles in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Patient Experience. “Nurses have wonderful opportunities to have an impact,” said Modic, “but we sometimes do not appreciate the influence we can have.”Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper The new Journal of Patient Experience addresses the need for peer-reviewed evidence about what works to improve the patient experience as more organizations place additional effort on boosting their scores on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is using to assess patient perceptions in its Hospital Value-based Purchasing program. “The government has done us a favor in the sense that they lit the fire around holding clinicians accountable, for not just clinical and quality metrics but also experience metrics,” said Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA, director of the Center for Excellence in Healthcare Communication, staff neurologist at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Patient Experience. “For those of us in caregiving, it gives us added reason to do what we already do.”Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper While the government initiative has generated much emphasis in the topic, Rafferty said that patients are the true drivers of improvement. “We are serving a patient population that is consistently more involved in their care, better educated and have expectations of exceptional service from other industries,” she said. Modic and colleagues examined perceptions of caring behaviors and discovered nurses reported providing caring behaviors more often than patients reported receiving them, particularly when it came to patient education. “Patients think we are having a conversation,” said Modic, who suggested framing educational moments by telling the patient the nurse is going to provide information important to their health before beginning the teaching. Making a connection with patients improves their perceptions, Dempsey said. Years ago, nurses learned how to truly get to know their patients while in school, giving back rubs and head-to-toe assessments. Today’s focus is much more task-oriented, often learned on a simulator, creating a need to instill the basics. Focus on what is right for the patient, how to reduce their complications and make them more successful in managing their conditions, Dempsey advised.Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Rafferty recommended nurses engage with their patients, learn about their fears and anxieties, and individualize their care. That may mean going beyond the basics every now and then. For example, it might make sense to help arrange a pet sitter for the patient who is more focused on his cats than his health. While nurses are encouraged to do all they can to genuinely connect and assist patients in their areas of greatest need, experts understand that patient satisfaction is often a matter of perception. Linda Plank, PhD, RN, associate dean for academic affairs at Baylor University’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing in Dallas, reported that various studies have shown what behaviors can help increase patient satisfaction scores. For instance, Plank explained that saying the word “excellent” will plant the thought in the patient’s mind and often will lead to a mark of excellent on a satisfaction survey. Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Other suggestions include nurses introducing themselves and their role every time they walk into the patient’s room and regular rounding. “The research is very specific,” Plank said. “You have to do whatever is going to get the results you want, and that may mean scripting. The principles are basic.” Some hospitals have tried scripting and instructing nurses to smile or make eye contact, but have met with resistance. “For people who have been doing this for some period of time, it rubs people the wrong way to be told to smile more and to script their language,” Boissy said. “It doesn’t feel authentic to people who may be very talented at what they do.” Nurses are most important to the patient experience, and there is a direct correlation between patient satisfaction and nurse satisfaction, Plank said. When there is an adequate complement of nurses, and people like their jobs and are happy to be there, it makes a difference. As caregiving has become more difficult, with more regulations and pressure, Boissy said, it’s important to remind people that they are taking care of human beings. Additionally, the work of caregiving and the witness of suffering place a burden on those delivering care. Therefore, organizations must make efforts to empathize with frontline staff and consider their challenges and what would make their jobs more meaningful. According to Healthy People 2012 there are more then 800,000 new cases of diabetes each year, with the numbers on the rise. With this in mind, Healthy People 2012 has identified diabetes as their number five focus area. In order to reach their goal of improving the quality of life for people with diabetes they have identified diabetes teaching as their number one objective. Furthermore, in order to reduce the number of complications of diabetes, Healthy People 2012 has identified foot ulcers as their ninth objective. Through patient education Healthy People 2012 hopes to reduce the number of foot ulcers in people with diabetes, as diabetes is the number one cause of nontraumatic amputations in the United States. Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper stated that he wears a size ten shoe however he does not own a pair of shoes in his size. With all these factors involved it becomes obvious that J.L. is a diabetic patient in need of foot care teaching, in order to prevent further complications. After identification of a patient teaching need the next step in the teaching process is establishing a measurable goal. “Teaching goals are broad in scope and set down what is expected as the final outcome of the teaching and learning process” (Wilkinson & Van Leuven, 2007, p. 538). In order to achieve a high level of standard, teaching goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. For our example, the teaching goal for J.L. and his diabetic foot care is as follows: Client is able to state five things he can do to prevent diabetic foot complications by the end of the teaching session implemented on Sunday January 24, 2012. Specifically, the five items J.L. will identify are to monitor and manage his diabetes, inspect feet daily, wash feet with warm water while drying between toes and apply moisturizing cream to feet daily (not between toes), avoid walking barefoot or with unfitted shoes, and calling the doctor should he notice any changes in his feet. In this case the level of prevention used, when implementing the diabetic foot care teaching, is tertiary prevention. “This intervention begins once the disease if obvious: the aim is to interrupt the course of the disease,Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Patient- and person-reports: differing outcomes and aspects Patient-reported factors including patients’ adherence to treatment, satisfaction with treatment, and experienced health outcomes – as determined by patient preferences – are increasingly seen as important for clinical adherence and uptake of healthcare interventions [1]. In this context, the terms patient-reported outcome (PRO) or patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) are frequently used to evaluate healthcare systems. However, PRO is a multifarious term and a comprehensible categorization is lacking, even though several methods are used to measure patient-reports. This study attempts to clarify the term ‘PRO’ and methods used for measuring PROs.Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper PRO is frequently used as an umbrella term for health outcomes that are directly and subjectively reported by patients [2]. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines PRO as “any report of the status of a patient’s health condition that comes directly from the patient, without interpretation of the patient’s response by a clinician or anyone else” [3]. Hence, PROs measure health status from the patient’s perspective. PRO has also been defined more broadly, addressing information about health conditions and its management [4]. Thus, definitions differ considerably and continue to be used inconsistently. To clarify PRO content, several classification systems were developed (e.g., by Valderas and Alonso [5]), many of which are based on specific constructs despite an universal agreement that PRO constructs do not exist. Symptoms, functioning, general health perception, well-being, Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL), patient satisfaction, preferences, adherence to treatment and other elements of healthcare and its results have been defined in this context [2–4, 6–8]. However, the terms PRO and outcome are ambiguous, rendering it difficult to determine PRO constructs. Within healthcare, the term outcome refers to end results or consequences of treatment, interventions, or healthcare [9]. Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper However, it is debatable whether adherence to treatment can be regarded as a consequence of treatment. Adherence is an aspect of the therapy, process, and management involved in healthcare that helps to achieve the treatment’s results [ 10 ]. Moreover, preference might not solely be seen as an outcome; individuals are often asked about their treatment or health status preferences without any prior experience. Furthermore, there is a fierce discussion on whether PROs should be self-reports or whether others’ assessments (e.g., close relatives) may be considered as PROs [6, 8 ]. Thus, the term PRO is used in different contexts and can be interpreted differently.Role and Importance of the Patient Experience Essay Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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