Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper

Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Have you been to the hospital before? Did the nurses treat you good? Well, if you answered yes to the questions then you will love this paper. I will be writing about nursing roles. Specifically I will write about caregivers and teachers in nursing. I will describe how the nursing roles reflecting in the video, I will discuss differences and similarities, and list characteristic of professional nursing behavior. I hope you like my paper. All nurses are caregivers that are their job to care for those who are sick or unwell. An example of a caregiver is a nurse. Florence Nightingale was caregiver she helped the soldiers with wounds. Nightingale cared so much that she made sure that the sheets that the soldiers slept on were clean. She cut the death rate of the soldiers down by 23 that’s 66%. Nightingale made sure that the soldiers had fresh air and water for the soldiers and good healthy food to eat. The nurses in the Patient Perspective 1 were also caregivers. The nurses saved their patients lives. In the video one of the patients was a little girl and she was feeling scared and the nurse comforted her and she eventually started walking again. There are some nurses that are teachers, they teach other nurses and their patients too. Florence Nightingale is a good teacher she leads by example and she’s also a pioneer. Back in Nightingale’s time nursing was not a common occupation but in our time it is very common. If it were not for Nightingale maybe still today nursing still would not be a common occupation. In Patient Perspective 1 the nurses were very good teachers. A teacher is many things a teacher can be an educator, a tutor, an instructor, and a master. They taught the patient what was going on what was going to happen Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Permalink: script-writing-b…urse-essay-paper / nursing influences such as Dretske, Murray, and Lipsey. Kolcaba (2003) also referenced governing bodies such as the American Nurses Association, International Council of Nurses, and the Health Resources and Services Administration. Kolcaba’s literature review for the concept analysis included several disciplines; nursing, medicine, psychology, psychiatry, ergonomics, and English (Kolcaba & Kolcaba, 1991). In 1992, Kolcaba completed another extensive literature review to incorporate holism into comfort theory. According to Research Gate (2015) Kolcaba’s research has been cited 547 times. Comfort theory has been adopted by many in the health care field. Southern New Hampshire Medical Center adopted comfort theory when they successfully sought Magnet Recognition Status. Components of comfort theory have been incorporated in the National Intervention Classification, the national Outcomes Classification, and the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association. The American Society of Peri-Anesthesia Nurses composed Comfort Management, a model initiated by nurses based on the comfort theory. The Comfort Questionnaire has been certified by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality since 2003. The Comfort Questionnaire has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, and Farsi and Comfort Theory and Practice: A Vision for Holistic Health Care and Research has been translated into Japanese, attesting to the theory’s international appeal and utility. Assumptions The four assumptions in comfort theory are: The need for comfort is basic; persons experience comfort holistically; self comforting measures can be healthy or unhealthy; and when achieved in healthy ways, enhanced comfort leads to greater productivity Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Telenursing is defined as the delivery, management, and coordination of care and services provided via telecommunications technology within the domain of nursing (American Association of Ambulatory Care Nursing, 2004). The terms “telehealth nursing,” and “telenursing,” are used interchangeably. To illustrate telehealth nursing the terms “home telehealth nursing” and “telehomecare nursing” are expressions having the same meaning. Both of these terms describe using technology and advancements in health care in the home care setting, in order to deliver nursing care remotely by a qualified health care provider.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Telenursing dates back to the 1970s when hospital caregivers reached out to offsite experts for consultation. Due to a lack of technology this type of consultation was done primarily by phone. Nurses were responsible for gathering medical information over the phone without seeing their patients. This made a true assessment nearly impossible and symptoms were often missed.Nursing theory guides nurses and gives them a framework that supports independence and autonomy in nursing. Prior to the advent of nursing theory, nurses were considered to be assistants to the physician. Nursing theory guides nurses to follow their own professional parameters not just those of medicine. Theories define and clarify nursing and the purpose of nursing practice to distinguish it from other caring professions by setting professional boundaries (McEwen & Wills, 2011). Importance of nursing theory The nursing profession bases itself on the numerous theories that guide the practice of nursing. Theory is argued to be important in the establishment of the unique body of knowledge essential for nursing to be recognized as a profession and as a means of improving patient care (Kenny, 2002). These sets of concepts make assumptions about behavior, health problems, patient population and environment that are logical and consistent with every day observations and supported by past research in the same or related areas (“Application of Theory in Nursing Process”, 2011). This author works in a facility that embraces the Jean Watson theory of caring. There is a Caritas committee that is overseeing the creation of Caritas rooms on all units where possible. The theory of nurses taking care of themselves as well as the care of their patients is highly regarded in the facility. In this paper another important theory will be examined, which is the theory of comfort. The reason this theory was selected is that this author works in the highly competitive field of same day surgery. Area Surgi centers are the competition. Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Nurses who engaged in telenursing practice today assess, plan, intervene, and evaluate the outcomes of nursing care. They do this using technologies such as the Internet, computers, telephones, digital assessment tools, and telemonitoring equipment. Todays nurses can examination their patients complete electronic medical history while talking to and viewing their patients by way of a monitor. This system allows for fewer errors and missed symptoms and a better outcome for the patient.Define a critical thinking task that your staff does frequently (Examples: treat high blood sugar, address low blood pressure, pain management, treating fever etc.). Create a concept map or flow chart of the critical thinking process nurses should take to determining the correct intervention. Include how much autonomy a nurse should have to apply personal wisdom to the process. If the critical thinking process was automated list two instances where a nurse may use “wisdom” to override the automated outcome suggested. Note the risks and benefits of using clinical decision making systems. A critical thinking task that staff on our unit are frequently challenged with is treating low blood glucose levels, which are considered to be a blood glucose level less than 80 mg/dl. The flow chart that follows is what our diabetic educators would like to see being done by nurses to address low blood glucose levels. Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Nursing theory can be applied to resolve nursing problems or issues, irrespective of the field of practice. A nursing theory benefits nurses and the patients that are in his or her charge. . Depending on the issue or problem that is needed to be solved determines what theory needs to be used. Nursing theory started with Florence Nightingale. She believed that a clean environment would promote better health. Virginia Henderson’s need theory emphasizes the need to ensure that the patient’s independence is being increased while in a health care facility. Ensuring that a patient can increase his or her independence allows for them to experience better outcomes upon discharge home. This is just two examples of nursing theories that were used and are still being used today, in every area of the nursing practice. Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expert Theory discusses how a nurse can increase his or her knowledge and skills without having to learn about theory. In her theory, nursing skills and experiences are what is required to become an expert. Each step a nurse takes to build up their skills to master the expert level is built upon the previous steps. The nurse needs to have a good foundation in order to move them closer to obtaining the expert level. Benner’s theory also showed that practicing nurses can and should form theory (Current Nursing, 2013). Benner’s theory has five levels: the novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert. The novice needs to be told what to do. Advanced beginner can recognize components that reoccur. A competent nurse is one that has had two-three years in the same type of situations. The proficient nurse starts to look at the whole picture and starts to critically think. Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Patients are responsible for their own health care at home once they leave a provider ‘s office or a hospital. Most patients often do not follow the prescribed treatment plan prescribed by their physician or provider. Nursing is a profession that I have always been fascinated with. Nursing is defined as “health promotion, health maintenance, health restoration and providing care to the sick and dying” (Kozier and Erb). There are five values essential to nursing, which include altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity and social justice (AACN). Nursing is a profession in which the nurse uses caring as a central concept. Some other characteristics of the nursing profession include art, science, advocacy, and offering holistic care. Nurses use critical thinking in order to problem solve because every patient is unique. The nursing process when assessing a patient includes, data collection, analysis, planning, implementing, and evaluation. Nurses need to be able to deal with change in stressful, fast paced, hectic environments. The treatments and technology is constantly changing therefore nurses need to be able to make quick and important decisions. Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper When people think of a nurse they normally come to the conclusion that most nurses are women. I would have thought the same, due to the qualities I have mentioned. I would like to research why men are entering the nursing profession. I feel that a male would join the profession because of the hours a nurse works. Men who like to fish and hunt can work as a nurse three days a week full time and have four days to enjoy leisure activities. The nursing profession is drawing more men into the field and usually thought for the same reasons as women. By a series of an observation, a survey, an interview, and a personal history, I will prove that men join the nursing profession because of money. A profession is more than just learning a set number of skills or acting in a particular way. Even though nurses do not have complete autonomy in decision-making and practice, Nursing should be considered a profession because it requires an extended education and has a theoretical body of knowledge. No one factor can delineate a job from a profession. To act professionally, means to administer care in a conscientious and knowledgeable way without impeding harm on others. The nursing profession remains committed to the care and nurturing of both healthy and ill people, individually, or in groups, or communities (Cherry & Jacob, 2008).Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Participating in team work is a significant part of a nurse’s daily schedule. Understanding the way a team functions is essential. After all this can lead to better utilization of a team within any organization and further enhance the outcome. Nursing could certainly benefit from a high performing team after all, “teams make fewer mistakes than do individuals” (Miller, Riley, & Davis, 2009, p. 248).Therefore, steps need to be in place to make sure the teams are functioning at high capacity. One way to monitor the team’s success is to employ a team assessment questionnaire. The team questionnaire provides insight into the areas of the team that are functioning and addresses areas that may need redesign. The questionnaire ultimately provides direction for the team by utilizing thought provoking questions. When utilizing the questionnaire to evaluate the benefits of a team huddle. The questionnaire pointed to a deficiency in the area of roles while most of the other areas such as activities, relationships and, environment scored well; there was still opportunity for improvement. The purpose of this paper to evaluate the outcome of the team based on findings from the teamwork questionnaire. A team consists of two or more individuals who come together for a common purpose (Baker, Day, & Sales, 2006). A recent team initiative called a huddle was instituted at my facility on several pilots units. These initial huddles proved to be successful and were implemented on my unit three weeks ago as a directive by our senior management. The huddle is a brief nursing team meeting that takes place several times a day and lasts about five to ten minutes. The huddle time will vary thought out the day in order to include all nursing shifts and personnel.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Nursing is a profession because it requires strong critical reasoning, clinical judgment, communication, and assessment skills. The professional nurse also requires the development and demonstration of an appropriate set of values and ethical framework for practice (The Essentials of, 2008). Nursing as a profession has a code of ethics for practice (Potter, & Perry, 2009). Code of Ethics requires nurses to treat colleagues, students, and patients with dignity and respect and states that any form of harassment, disrespect, or threatening action will not be tolerated (Clark, & Springer, 2010). In addition, the ANA established the Center for Ethics and Human Rights to discuss the complex and ethical human rights issues confronting nursing (Potter, & Perry, 2009). Nurses embrace their responsibility to regulate their own practice and take responsibility for their own competence (Sportsman, & Wieck, 2010). Nurses are clinically skilled with developed interpersonal skills; they are committed to advancing the professions (Sportsman, & Wieck, 2010). Nurses strive to see patients receive the best quality care possible. Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Many people only imagined of nurses working in a hospital so as to help the critically ill patients. This is however a wrong perception as nurses can work virtually in all setups. They have their duties cut out in almost all aspects of life that many of us can never imagine. It is true that nurses are critically important in the hospitals and that this is the place that they have most of their work in. They however are needed in other sectors and do not only have to work on helping the sick to get well, they can be involved with healthy people to help them to remain healthy. Nurses can work in schools, judiciary, insurance companies, prisons, homes and in corporations. Nurses are involved in all stages of the human life from before birth up to and after death. They help with the pregnant women in the prenatal clinics to make sure that the mother maintains good healthy habits. They offer help during birth and are also involved with the mother and the child during the post natal clinics. During the life time of the child and in adult age one will have several encounters with nurses for both curative and preventive help. Nurses also help people deal with loss after death.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper History Of A Nurse Career Nursing career is an old one. It is believed to have started in the 1500 when for the first time there was a wet nurse. These are nurses that took care of babies that lost their others during birth or a short while after birth. The wet nurses were also hired by mothers who were busy and could not afford quality care to their children. Others hired mothers to breast feed their children. During the war, there were nurses that were taught on how to offer quality care to people that got wounded during the war. Since then, the nursing career has grown and nurses can now work on-their-own and decide the best care to give to their patients.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper A Good Nurse A nurse is required to be compassionate. They are supposed to treat patients with love even though the patients may not be good in return. A good nurse should be qualified enough and able to work alone with minimum guidance. It is not advisable to go to a nurse that will always be looking up for help from other nurses. In many case, nurses have a lot of work and are thus required to do many things at the same time. A good nurse should therefore be able to multitask. Nursing is a profession which ensures the promotion of health. The duty assigned to nurses is very sensitive in nature as they deal with people’s health. They advocate people about their diseases and other health issues. When it comes to writing of an essay or research paper on nursing then you have to be careful. In nurse essays, you are going to brief readers about the services of nurses and tasks assigned to nurses, how are they going to deal with illness of the patients, so you have to be very selective in choice of your words. It is a problem usually people face that how to get the plagiarism free nursing essay.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Nursing is a type of profession which you can write a lot about. You need to write essays, research papers, term papers and other assignment papers for the better understanding of the subject and profession. Usually the writers or researches feel sick about writing an essay or research papers. They think instead of brain storming and spending too much time, we can get these essays handy by coping material for it. It is very unethical to copy someone’s content without his/her permission. Most of the people, these days interested in finding original essays written on nursing but they fail to find one. This article provides you with true piece of information related to the plagiarism free nursing content. One of the factors that have led to rise in the cost of medical health care is poor management, which has led to elevated administrative costs. The induced high costs of operations in the health care services has led to increased costs of provision of medical services to patients, thus leading to rise in overall health care costs (Larson & Muller, 2003). Managed Health Care has negatively influenced this factor by introducing a series of follow up programs, which have in turn increased administrative costs. Although some of these programs have enhanced service delivery and management; they require extra operation expenses which contribute to increase in cost of medical service provision (Larson & Muller, 2003). Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Another factor that has contributed to the rise in costs of medical health care is aging of the population. The aging population has increased demand for medical services, and this has led to increase in the cost of medical care. The Managed Health Care has positively influenced this factor through provision of cost sharing incentives for aging population. In cases where health care provision costs are too high, the Managed Health Care intervenes and intensively manages the situation by contracting with respective providers of the health care services (Larson & Muller, 2003). Prescription drugs and growth in technology are also among the factors that have led to increased costs of medical care services. Inflation has led to high cost of acquiring prescriptive drugs, adopting current technology, and general increase in the cost of medical services (Larson & Muller, 2003). The intervention by Managed Health Care has enabled provision of economic incentives for the management to adopt affordable technological procedures/systems, and acquire effective but less costly medical prescriptions/drugs, and other forms of care. This step has positively impacted on the cost of health care services through reduction of medical bills (Larson & Muller, 2003). This is appositive influence that has led to reduction in the costs of health care services. Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Rise in incidences of chronic diseases among the population has also led to an increase in medical costs. Chronic diseases require long periods of treatment, and this poses a high demand on health care services. Managed Health Care has provided financial incentives for patients suffering from chronic illnesses, and at the same time set up programs to enhance efficient use of health care facilities and medical practices. Some of these programs include controlled quality improvement, resource management strategies, and resource relevancy/utilization review. This is actually a positive influence to enhance reduction in costs of medical services (Larson & Muller, 2003). he intention of this research is to conduct an investigation into the medical risks in adolescent pregnancies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Available literature shows that Sub-Saharan Africa experiences higher rates of medical complications and maternal deaths, resulting from adolescent pregnancies (Farber, 2009). Various studies that explore this challenge are united on the fact that cultural factors, poor access to prenatal medical services and peer pressure are the leading factors that contribute to the medical challenges and prenatal deaths of adolescents (East & Felice, 1996). Available statistics show that the age of marriage is relatively lower in Sub-Saharan Africa than in other parts of the world.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper This is mainly because of the fact that girls in Sub-Saharan Africa tend to be forced into marriages below the age of 18. Some of the factors that contribute to early pregnancies are that young girls come under heavy societal pressure to engage in sexual activities with relatively older men. Despite the inclusion of sex education into the schools’ curriculum, studies have found out that a significant percentage of young girls are still vulnerable to early pregnancies (East & Felice, 1996). Lack of efficient systems to enforce community sensitization has been cited to be among the main reasons, which contribute to early pregnancies in schools. Statistics show that nearly 70,000 adolescents die of pregnancy related complications in the developing world. This study will focus on the medical risks that are associated with adolescent pregnancies every year. The study will also seek to expose the factors that are central to these risk factors with a goal of establishing the most suitable remedial actions that could be adopted. The study will also seek to expose weaknesses in the current approaches that have attempted to address the question of teenage pregnancies.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Various studies that have explored the matter of adolescent pregnancies tend to focus on the medical and psychosocial perspectives of the problem. Other studies have tended to focus on the factors that contribute to adolescent pregnancies in Sub-Saharan Africa (Neinstein, 2007). Research of particular cases in the region has indicated that pregnant adolescents do not readily access prenatal care. One of the reasons behind this challenge is that the stigma, associated with adolescent pregnancy, makes it difficult for the girls to seek or receive support from their parents or elders (Arai, 2009). These girls do not have stable incomes and have to rely on dependants to cater for their medical needs during pregnancies.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper The high poverty index in Sub-Saharan region means that the dependants, on whom these girls rely, lack the means to take care of their prenatal medical needs (Cherry, 2001). Another reason that shields the girls from quality healthcare services during pregnancies is that the gender disparity in Sub-Saharan Africa makes it difficult for the girls to access medical care in their homes. Usually, girls do not access means of self-sustenance as boys do. Usually, the challenge lies in the fact that girls tend to seek support from elderly dependants, which makes them vulnerable to different systems of abuse within the domestic circles. At the age of 18 and below, most girls in Sub-Saharan Africa are still at low levels of education (Schneider, 2010). They lack the knowledge and skills to take care of themselves, when they become pregnant. As a result, many of them become vulnerable to medical complications that accompany pregnancies.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Research has shown that adolescents are more likely to suffer from premature births than mature women are. The period of pregnancy exerts some form of psychological imbalances in the adolescent, which makes them develop certain medical complications that cause premature death. Naturally, the state of mind is important in determining the capacity of the adolescent to hold the pregnancy. Comparatively, mature women are more mentally stable than adolescents, who have to fight with the stigma that comes from the family and members of the society. The adolescents tend to adopt a siege mentality. They acknowledge the fact that the immediate society does not endorse their state of pregnancy. Studies have shown that many adolescents contemplate both suicide and abortion at some point (Males, 2010). Many others attempt unsuccessfully to procure abortion. Both practices tend to affect the health of the babies and the young mothers. A combination of these two factors often leads to abortion. The state of pregnancy involves heavy psychological and physical challenges to the adolescents (Males, 2010). Some of the young mothers have not developed sufficiently to enable them handle the challenges that come with pregnancy (Linsley, Kane & Owen, 2011). The biological strain that accompanies pregnancy often leads some of the adolescents to experience increased physical strains that could develop into adverse consequences such as premature births and miscarriages (Males, 2010).Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Research has indicated that adolescent pregnancy is also associated with poor access to contraceptives (Males, 2010). The outlying areas outside the African metropolis have poor access to contraceptives because governments and donors cannot easily access these regions. Lack of contraceptives places significant challenges on sexuality and reproductive health matters for adolescents. The levels of vulnerability to teenage pregnancy are usually linked to the vulnerability to sexually transmitted diseases. The frequencies of adolescent pregnancies have also been correlated with the amount of exposure and the levels of permissiveness for the African societies in the Sub-Saharan parts of the continent.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper The problematic transition of girls into the state of womanhood is also quoted to be among the key factors that influence adolescent pregnancies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cultural factors that determine the transition of girls into women lack sufficient structures to cater the health needs of the girl child (Dean, Ducey & Malik, 1998). These deficiencies ultimately expose the young women to health challenges, when they become pregnancy before the age of 18. The major implications of the health challenges that relate to adolescent pregnancy are that they affect adversely on the state of health of the expected newborn babies. Research, conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa, has related the high incidences of infant mortality rate to the adolescent pregnancies (Dean, Ducey & Malik, 1998). Children, born of adolescent mothers, are more susceptible to health complications than those, born of mature women are.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper One of the prevalent health challenges in adolescent pregnancies is low birth weight. Research literature shows that children born of adolescent mothers are more likely to exhibit the problem of low birth rate than those, born of relatively mature mothers (Dean, Ducey & Malik, 1998). The health practices and lifestyles of girls who fall pregnant during adolescence usually expose them to certain health risks that affect the development stages of the baby. In an effort to conceal the outward symptoms of pregnancy, girls will tend to adopt certain nutrition practices in order to maintain smaller shapes of their bodies. For instance, some of them will tend to avoid meals or turn to junk food in the hope of maintaining their pre-pregnancy bodies. Some of these practices have been blamed for the low birth weight of their babies.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper There is often the tendency among pregnant adolescents to seek medical attention during the third trimester of their pregnancies. Various social and psychological reasons account for this. The lengthy periods that are taken before the adolescents seek prenatal medical care have been cited among factors that complicate the maternal health of expectant adolescents (Leik, 2007). Biological development of adolescents varies across individuals. Despite the fact that scientific research has proved that girls are reproductively mature by the age of 13, other findings show that this age is associated with higher levels of vulnerability in the cases of pregnancies (White & Truax, 2007). The indication that biological factors of adolescents influence their general growth is explained by the fact that more adolescents are more susceptible to fistula and other complications that relate to childbirth. Past statistics have also indicated that the maternal mortality rates are likely to be higher among adolescents than in mature women.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Numerous studies have been tasked with the responsibility of explaining the biological impacts of early pregnancies on adolescents, few studies have attempted to explore the kind of association that exists between the psychological and biological factors. Researches conducted on adolescent pregnancies in Sub-Saharan Africa have indicated that the mental development of the adolescents has a significant impact on the health status of the adolescents during pregnancies (Seidman, 2008). Sub-Saharan Africa is largely patriarchal in terms of its socio-cultural organizations. This part of the continent is regarded as a place for the systematic subjugation of the rights of women. Sociological studies have offered the explanation that the patriarchal edifice regards the women’s body as a terrain for conquest. It is because of this reason that young women below the age of 18 are brought under the influence of the domineering power of patriarchy.Script Writing Between Patients And Nurse Essay Paper Sociologically, the high incident of adolescent pregnancy in Sub-Saharan Africa is culturally perceived as the outward manifestation of triumphant patriarchy. The patriarchal edifice considers free women as agents inimical of its power. Adolescent pregnancies have been considered variously as a device for the patriarchal world order to place the resurgent feminism within controls. Notably, societies that exhibit higher levels of matriarchal influence are less likely to show high incidences of adolescent pregnancies. The manifestation of these powers hints at a latent struggle for control of cultural and social power across

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