Student Satisfaction with Hostels in Campus Literature Review

Student Satisfaction with Hostels in Campus Literature Review ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Student Satisfaction with Hostels in Campus Literature Review according to the literature review matrix worksheet to writing 4 pages double space (not including title and references pages) literature review. thank you. here is the examples. In MLA format for the citation. Waldorf SOCL2000 Student Satisfaction with Hostels in Campus Literature Review literature_review_examples.pdf literature_review_matrix_worksheet.pdf socl_2000_literature_review_assign Literature Review Assignment (10% of final grade) For this assignment, you will construct a literature review. This will form part of your final paper assignment. Part 1: Taking what you’ve learned from the librarian at the information literacy workshop, begin searching for appropriate scholarly sources for your project. Part 2: The next step for completing the Literature Review Assignment will be collecting (downloading, saving on your computer or printing a copy) 10 sources: at least 8 should be from peer-reviewed and scholarly social science journals (social sciences = sociology, psychology, political science, economics, anthropology) and two can be from a popular source (news or magazine article or reputable blog). The articles you select for your review should all focus on the topic you selected for your first field site visit. I recommend that you start with the Sociological Abstracts database (clicking the boxes to make sure you search for peer-review articles), so that you can be sure that your articles are peer reviewed and scholarly. According to The Writing Center at University of North Carolina, a literature review “discusses information published in a particular subject area … A literature review can be just a simple summary of the sources, but it usually has an organizational pattern and combines summary and synthesis. A summary is a recap of the important information of the source, but synthesis is a re-organization or reshuffling of that information.” Once you collect your ten sources you will fill out the Literature Review Matrix that I’ve posted on Brightspace to organize your articles. Student Satisfaction with Hostels in Campus Literature Review Rubric for Part 2: Exemplary 5 points Exceeds Expectations 4 points Meets Expectations 3 points Doesn’t meet Expectations 2 points Unacceptable 1 point A. Info Gathering B. Info Analysis C. Main Idea A D. Main Idea B E. Additional Notes (include sample information, method) Part 3: The next step is to write your literature review. A literature review should include a summary and synthesis of the information you will be using in your final assignment for the course, which is your research proposal. The literature review should include a thesis. Your thesis should argue for a particular perspective of the material. So, for example, if your topic is about jealousy in friendship, a possible thesis could be “Jealousy is rarely cited as a source of conflict in friendships between women.” The literature review should address three or four subtopics from these collected sources’ research findings; these subtopics will be the subsections of your literature review. In each subsection, you will address the findings from the collected sources that are relevant to the subtopic, citing the sources in the text. For example, when discussing jealousy in best friendships, one way to address research findings is as follows: “Taylor (2014) found that jealousy is most likely to emerge in friendship under two conditions: when the individuals who are identified as best friends live more than 20 miles apart and when the friends have at least two other individuals who they identify as close friends living less than five miles away,” (319). If three studies address jealousy in best friendships, then this may be one of your subtopics in the literature review. You must use all ten sources in the literature review. Student Satisfaction with Hostels in Campus Literature Review The structure of the paper is as follows: 1) Introduction that concludes with the thesis of your paper; 2) Three to four subtopic sections that include citations of the sources; 3) Conclusion about the results of your literature review research, which could include a couple sentences about areas for future research. Your literature review should be 4 pages in length (double spaced, with regular margins) and will be due in class on Thursday, November 14 and will comprise 5% of your course grade. There should also be a references sheet attached that includes all of the sources you used for your assignment in alphabetical order. You can use ASA, APA, or MLA format for your citations. I will provide feedback on the literature review and return to you. Your revised literature will then be incorporated into your final assignment for the class, which is a research proposal. Rubric for Part 3: Exemplary 10 points Exceeds Expectations 8 points Meets Expectations 6 points Does not meet Expectations 4 points Unacceptable 2 points A. Introduction B. Includes all ten sources in body of lit review C. Synthesizes sources into a discussion of themes D. Conclusion about sources E. 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