The High Temperatures and Skin Cancer in Middle East Essay

The High Temperatures and Skin Cancer in Middle East Essay
That will be Poster and presentation(3m). Title is (High temperatures and skin cancer in middle east) .
BRIEFING ON THE TASK. Title is. High temperatures and skin cancer in middle east.
3 minute elevator pitch
This assessment will involve developing and delivering a 3-minute presentation in the style of an ‘elevator pitch’ – see Wikipedia here if you’re not familiar with the term: This should be a very concise presentation summarising your plan for the poster you will develop for your summative assessment for the module. The purpose of this assessment is to succinctly and persuasively convey the purpose and outline your proposed plan for your poster for the summative assessment. You will receive feedback from the module lead and other students that should help you in the development of the summative assessment.
In order to be able to complete this task, you will need to conduct preliminary background research of your chosen topic area to:
i. Improve your knowledge and understanding of the general topic area;
ii. Derive a focussed question or topic to build your poster on;
iii. Build a concise summary of your plans for how the poster will be developed.
You will then need to develop your 3 minute presentation. At this stage your ideas may not be fully formed, but you should have an idea of the main topic you want to investigate. Your pitch should include the following:
1. Brief title and description of the topic to be investigated (( Title is. High temperatures and skin cancer ))
2. Rationale – why is this an important issues in environment and human health (e.g. what is the scale of the public health issue or the extent of the environmental exposure)?
3. What kinds of evidence will you seek to bring together?
4. Are there things you still have to decide on in order to develop your poster together?
The High Temperatures and Skin Cancer in Middle East Essay
A successful poster pitch will be clear, focussed, concise and leave the audience interested and wanting to find out more.
You have two options for delivering the presentation:
A) Oral only – no slides or visual aids
B) 1 slide (Powerpoint/pdf) including a small amount of text or an image, graph, map etc to help make the case for the importance of this topic.
Using a slide is optional as it’s good to practice being to simply talk and present clearly without visual aids, but some pitches may benefit from the use of a single graphic to talk around.
Note: there is a strict 3 minute limit for the presentation. The chair will cut you off if you go over time – if you can present what you need to in less than 3 minutes it’s absolutely fine to finish early. This is a good transferable skill to develop – short, timelimited presentations are common, and going over time is always to be avoided! .
Please, I want to do what is required in the document that I sent and also another sheet in which what I will say in the presentation is written to explain what is written in the poster )in 3 minutes(
Upon completion of this task, this task will be developed to do the final task, which is (poster) and summary (250 words).

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