Trends in Healthcare Management Paper

Trends in Healthcare Management Paper Trends in Healthcare Management Paper Trends in healthcare management – Discussion post How do you see current trends and changes in healthcare models impacting the delivery of healthcare? Consider the impact of these trends on your own practice setting. Also consider how these trends and changes have impacted your own leadership style or your supervisor’s leadership style.Trends in Healthcare Management Essay Paper You are expected to follow proper APA guidelines when using citations in discussions in this course. Future Challenges for Health Care Management The scope of health care management encompasses administrating how services get delivered to patients, persons delivering services, locations to which services get delivered, and the financing of all involved procedures. In these, institutions like nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, public hospitals, and private clinics get involved. At the same time, groups of service providers and associations play instrumental roles in controlling the quality of services and procedures of implementation (Gururajan, 2012). Thus, health care management encompasses the organization and administration of individual physicians, associations, involved institutions, and control of funds. Trends in Healthcare Management Essay Paper Permalink: trends-in-health…management-paper / ? Additionally, managers must prioritize requirements for financial utilizations and develop ways of generating income for health care institutions (Spiegel, 2014). Technological applications in health care have led to improved medical procedures and the development of better curative and preventive interventions. Resultantly, death rates of individuals below the age of 65 have dropped significantly. The reciprocal outcome of this scenario is a situation in which most individuals get into their old age while they are very healthy. As their productivity reduces, different chronic diseases associated with old age begin to catch up with them (Rigolosi, 2013). Examples of these Alzheimer’s disease, Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer, Anemia, Arthritis, Brain tumors, Cataracts, Dementia, Epilepsy, Encephalitis, and Erectile Dysfunction among many others (O’Connor, 2011). When they get these diseases, most of them become immobilized. As a result, they have to be cared for and moved around. Future provisions in the health care industry must develop strategies for countering chronic diseases associated with old age and caring for the aged (Stauffacher, 2011).Trends in Healthcare Management Essay Paper The future trends in health care are limitless. From using applications that perform EKG’s to robot-assisted surgery, the rapid expansion of technology applications in health care is astounding. Advancing technology also pushes the boundaries of health care in its ability to integrate health care information. The integration of health care information is critical to the effective, efficient delivery of quality care in a now fragmented health care system. This paper will assess how the internet or any new forms of electronic communication can be used as an external delivery source of communicating patient-specific information, address the impact of distance delivery on health care, how these communication issues impact health care today and…show more content… Health insurers are also using the Internet to provide web-based access to member benefits, health and wellness information, forms and claims activity. There is an increasing need within the U.S. for quality health care to be provided to individuals who have limited access whether it is due to a rural environment, disabilities, or in the field of battle. Telemedicine is literally medicine provided at a distance. Telehealth is able to alleviate some of the effects of a growing shortage of professionals such as primary care physicians. In this type of health care delivery, the dynamics between the patient and the entire health care system changes. Telemedicine meets the increasing demands of patients to have greater access, or responsiveness, from a health care provider. It also meets the needs of the provider who is very interested in time-saving, safety-enhancing assistance in their daily practice. Employers and health plans are also very interested in telemedicine as a means of improving compliance with treatment plans and care management initiatives (Hodgkins, 2008). Trends in Healthcare Management Essay Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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