UCI Basketball Player Career Research

UCI Basketball Player Career Research UCI Basketball Player Career Research Student Name Course Date Project Outline Introduction • This entire assignment should fall between 1.5 to 3 pages • Subreddit Link: ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL NURSING PAPERS • Subreddit Name: Animal Crossing. UCI Basketball Player Career Discussion • Number of members: • Brief notes about what you plan to focus on (hobbies, socialization online, animals and society, grief, video games, popular culture, etc.) o Brief description of how the subreddit fits. UCI Basketball Player Career Research • Section should be less than ½ page Planned Academic Articles • Please share 3 academic articles that you plan to use in the paper ( less than ½ page) o You can provide a quick description of them below your citation information • Gray, K. L. (2012). Intersecting oppressions and online communities: Examining the experiences of women of color in Xbox Live. Information, Communication & Society, 15(3), 411-428. o Considers the importance of race/gender in the context of online hostilities • The third academic article goes here o Repeat process Proposed Research Questions and Planned Data Collection • You may have adjusted things since working on the brainstorm and that is okay! • Use this space to update the plan (up to ¾ page) • Number of posts and comments you plan to analyze o Explanation of why you have made this choice • RQ1: How frequently are people active in talking about cute animals online? o Briefly explain how you plan to answer with your data o Briefly explain what you see so far in the data • RQ2: What cute creatures are most frequently talked about? o Briefly explain how you plan to answer with your data o Briefly explain what you see so far in the data • RQ3: What tone is usually present in these interactions? o Coding for different key words. This includes when people are supportive (“Nice work!”) or discouraging (“I hated what they did with the finale!”) . o The community is divided so far, with a split between positive and negative posts . There are a lot of people who seem happy (using words like, “satisfied”), but there are also people who are not happy ( using words like “ruined”). ? At a guess, this could be because a finale recently aired and people are still reacting and processing it. Data Visualization • This may change by the time you turn in your final paper and that is okay! • Provide some brief ideas about what you will do with data visualization o You will need one per theme/pattern you discuss! (these are basically the answers to your research questions, which you can develop after looking at the data) • This section should be up to ½ page • How do you want to convey data to your reader? • I will use bar charts because my data will be categorical and these are an effective way to convey this data in an easy to understand way • I will also use a couple of quotes (which I will de-identify for privacy) to show examples of what I coded Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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