WK10 Leadership and Management Assignment

WK10 Leadership and Management Assignment
WK10 Leadership and Management Assignment
WK10 Nurse Leader Reports Leadership and Management Assignment
WK10 Nurse Leader Reports Leadership and Management Assignment
The class is Leadership and Management, its available under my blackboard, there are 8 Discussion Board, there is Nurses leader report divide in 3 parts by week 3, week 6 and week 7 (the rubric is under those weeks, you can see it), and there is a final Comprehensive Paper due in week 10, this is all for this class.
Taking a Stand as a Moral and Ethical nurse Leader
Walden University 2/7/2017
Moral and Ethical Leadership
Ethical leadership is a fundamental responsibility for all healthcare providers. The conceptual framework of ethics is concern with the moral principles of what is right, wrong, just, fair, virtues, and obligatory for the common good of one another including patients and families. According to Parker (2007), the ability to influence patient care depends on a variety of principles which include autonomy, beneficence, caring, respect, openness and honesty. She further noted in her article that it takes only a nurse who fully understands ethical principles to successfully influence the action and behavior of patients and the healthcare team (Parker, 2007). Leaders must possess ethical morals so that their integrity and trustworthiness can be respected and maintained for a better outcome. Ethical leaders must also portray themselves as ethical at all times regardless of the situation because ethics is an integral aspect of their duties as they relate to patient and colleagues. The purpose of this paper is to complete the kiersey temperament sorter, identify my leadership style, describe an ethical dilemma, analyze role played in resolving the dilemma and to deliberate whether the leadership style used in resolving the ethical dilemma acted as a barrier or facilitated the dilemma. Guardian Leadership Style After completing the Kiersey Temperament guide it was great to realize that Guardians share powerful characteristics that are based on supervision, management and the ability to make the world a better place. According to Keirsey (1998) he noted some important qualities of guardians. Guardians account for about 45% of the world’s population. They have unique characteristics which make them important and are in high demand for protecting and safeguarding the status quo of their organizations. Guardians pride themselves to be dependable, hard-working, responsible, stabilized leaders, dutiful, humble, protect security and above all approve of justice. Guardians also take pride in accomplishing goals; they have an irresistible. K10 Nurse Leader Reports Leadership and Management Assignment
Moral and
Ethical Principles 3 attitude towards promoting and creating a work environment that encourages team work and effective communication Ethical Dilemma The fact that nursing practice involves delicate patient care, ethical problems will always arise and are therefore inevitable. Almost all health care providers and organizations have been involve in an ethical dilemma in one way or another and it remain a very sensitive issue to handle. To handle ethical problems, leaders must possess sound judgment as well as adhere to rules and regulations of their organizations. Ethics according to the world health organization (2017) is concerned with moral principles, values and standards of conduct. These set of moral principles, K10 Nurse Leader Reports Leadership and Management Assignment

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