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We are all experiences the challenges placed on us with COVID-19 but the elderly are at a higher risk of complication and death. The situation is ever-changing and research ongoing making it challenging to find accurate information. Every day, however, we are learning more and more about this virus and its impacts on the individual, communities, governments, and health systems.  1. Locate four credible media sources (online, television, radio, print media) discussing the impact of COVID-19 on the elderly. A. Information can be from the United States or another country. B. May include public service announcements, government videos, speakers at conferences such as TED Talks, training videos, or websites. C. Information should be interactive and not merely a news article or research paper (think of the video discussion assignments you have completed this summer) 2. Each media discussion should be 100 words minimum and include. A. A brief explanation of the item. B. Goal and target audience of the information. C. Relationship to elderly and COVID-19.

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The COVID-19 | Instant Homework Help
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