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Grade level 9-12 in health care. Select a two-three week unit of work within the course and develop a test construction project which includes the following: 1. A list of 5-15 instructional objectives subdivided into specific learning outcomes. 2. A list of subject matter topics and sub-topics to covered.  This list should be in the form of an outline of materials to be covered during the unit of study. This can be illustrated with a curriculum map or as a pacing guide 3. A table of the specification which includes the general instructional objectives across the top of the table and the major subject-matter topics down the side of the table.  In each cell of the table include the number of items to be assigned to that objective and subject matter topic.  The total test should include at least 50 items.  Try to make a  least 50% of the items measure complex learning outcomes.  For those instructional objectives which cannot be measured by paper-and-pencil tests, an indication should be given to the type of evaluation to be used.

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The Health Care | Instant Homework Help
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