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Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses a rhetorical analysis of the inaugural address of john f. kennedy. He focused on how countries must unite and help each other sooner than later. This is an excellent theme for his speech bearing in mind that he came into power when the country and the world were reeling from the effects of the Cold War.After his call for urgency, Kennedy shifted attention back to the country and outlined how the United States will lead the world in attaining local and international goals. He describes what he expects of the citizens. His constant call to the people by calling them ‘my fellow citizens’ reveals that the populous sits at the core of creating global peace and securing the nation’s success. Kennedy ensures that the citizens will remember key points by repeatedly calling attention back to them to his satisfaction. The phrase ‘my fellow citizens’ draws attention and creates a rapport between the president and the people. He makes himself feel relatable, like a leader that the USA can engage and hold accountable rather than making himself look like a high and might ruler who the citizens cannot question. He even coins a chiasmus that urges citizens to ask themselves what they can do for the USA rather than focus what the USA can do for them. The phrase becomes a catchy but straightforward mantra that underlines the Kennedy speech and what he stands for. This will compel citizens to be more considerate of others and their impact on global peace. The sense of unity and need for teamwork that Kennedy creates is key to bringing peace to the world. The president works through his speech to show that he is not here to finish his term. He asserts his desire to propel the United States to satisfaction, making it not just a better place for citizens but also a beacon of hope across the globe. His chiasmus forms the basis of driving the USA deeper into its status as a superpower.This analysis of the speech shows that his efforts to convince the citizens that their involvement is crucial in attaining global harmony as his diplomatic efforts resonate with everyone. John F. Kennedy uses chiasmus, antithesis, and strong anaphora to convince millions of citizens that working towards global peace and a conducive environment for business is in the best interest of everyone. This speech helps set the pace for his presidency and that of other presidents after him. It is the basis of the diplomacy that carries the country out of the cold war. It ushers in the age of fast growth that not only pulls the nation out of slow growth but also secures a bright future. His inaugural speech gives citizens a drive that is easy to incorporate into daily life affairs. It teaches that unity, peace, and working together are the best ways to come up with long-lasting solutions and satisfaction to everyone. It shuns the idea of building walls and blocking nations or people the republic does not agree with. This pushes the nation into teamwork and a desire to work together towards a common goal of peace and prosperity.

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The Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy | Instant Homework Help
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