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STEP 1 – After reading all of Chapter 20, please select ONE of the following primary source readings: “The Morality of Migration” by Seyla Benhabib (starting on page 766) -or- “The Moral Dilemma of U.S. Immigration Policy Revisited: Open Borders vs. Social Justice?” by Stephen Macedo (starting on page 768) -or- “Selecting Immigrants” by David Miller (starting on page 781) -or- “Immigration and Freedom of Association” by Christopher Heath Wellman (starting on page 787) -or- “Freedom of Association is Not the Answer” by Sarah Fine (starting on page 808) STEP 2 – Write a short, objective summary of 250-500 words which summarizes the main ideas being put forward by the author in this selection.

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The Morality of Migration | Instant Homework Help
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