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Write an article on The Problem and Main Aspects of Hoarding. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Patients with hoarding disorder often collect a large number of worthless items that get accumulated in a disarranged mass beyond their intended use. The result is an obstruction to living areas of the house which is responsible for causing social, occupational, and functional impairment (Mataix-Cols, 2023). Hoarding behavior involves a consistent urge not to let go of possessions, be they valuable or useless. The irresistibility of the disorder makes it quite similar to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) although both are regarded as distinct disorders. Tolin, Villavicencio, Umbach, and Kurtz have documented a study they carried with OCD and hoarding disorder patients (413). The results showed the patients from both disorders do not differ significantly in their measures of attenuated attentional capacity. However, patients with hoarding disorder display a greater attenuation of the attentional ability. A majority of hoarding patients scored relatively higher in the neuropsychological test for impairment. Metcalf mentions in his article that the relationship between OCD and hoarding disorder is not considered strong. With the emergence of more and more studies into the subject, experts are finding out that hoarding disorder is, in fact, not an outgrowth of OCD but a distinctive disorder. According to recent research, patients meeting the criteria of hoarding disorder had experienced a deficiency of clothing, shelter, food, and money in their early lifetime (Landau et al., 192). A number of studies have found unusually elevated levels of distress or stressful life events among people who hoard items. These events are sometimes associated with trait onset or aggravation. Once the symptoms begin to surface, the progression of hoarding is often persistent. A minority of the patients encounter a revoking and a deteriorating sequence. In most cases, no evidence has&nbsp.been found if hoarding disorder is caused due to a specific factor.&nbsp.

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The Problem and Main Aspects of Hoarding | Instant Homework Help
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