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Read: Chapter 3 on the Role of Culture and Chapter 4 on the Economic Impact; plus read the National Public Radio (NPR) article called: The Salmon Taboo. Click here (Links to an external site.). (There is a link to listen, located on the left-hand side of the screen (blue circle with white arrow). 1. Why did the Norwegians want to sell raw salmon rather than cooked salmon? 2. Why wouldn’t the Japanese fish industry executives eat raw salmon? 3. What role does perception play in what we eat? 4. Did the advertising campaigns work to change perceptions and get Japanese eating salmon sushi? Explain. 5. What explains why the younger Japanese generation would willing to eat raw salmon? 6. What is one “take-away” from either of these chapters? Make one connection, in other words, to the readings this week. Reference: Goldstein, J. (2019, June 5) Episode 651: The Salmon Taboo. Retrieved on June 12, 2019 from (Links to an external site.). Note: The reference above follows the APA style: Author’s last name, initial of first name (date), title. Retrieval date and URL.

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The Salmon Taboo | Instant Homework Help
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