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1. Identify and explain the current Texas law regarding the selection of most judges in Texas. 2. Identify and explain at least two other types of judicial selection processes used in the U.S. 3. Choose whichever judicial selection method you think is best and give at least two criteria explaining how and why you made your choice. Possible criteria include: impartiality/independence, accountability and competence of judges. 4. Describe who may or may not benefit from the position you take in 3) above. Consider the impact on political parties, on justices and the individuals in the Texas court system. Also consider the impact in other areas, e.g., economic, political, social. 5. List at least two things you could do in order to engage the political process in Texas in pursuit of your position in 3) above, be specific. 6. Cite at least three reliable, quality references within the body of the paper using the Chicago Manual of Style’s parenthetical citation style. One of the citation must come from the class textbook (Champagne, Anthony, Edward J. Harpham and Jason P. Casellas. 2019. Governing Texas, 4th ed. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., Ltd. Paperback). You must have have at least three parenthetical citations in the body of the paper that correctly match the sources properly formatted in the Works Cited Page at the end of the paper. Format Requirements: 1. Typed, 2-3 pages (not counting Works Cited Page), 12-point font, double-spaced. 2. A title is required, but a separate title page is not necessary. 3. A thesis or statement of purpose in the first paragraph. 4. Use of footnotes or endnotes is prohibited. 5. Using encyclopedias, like Wikipedia,, is prohibited.

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The Texas Judiciary | Instant Homework Help
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