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You are to respond to this post by extending the observation to explain the additional impacts of their choice. please do not use the word for word this assignment must be in your own words no exceptions at least 200 words. After defeating the Axis powers together in WWII The Soviet Union and The United States of America emerged as the world’s two biggest and most powerful countries both having different ideologies for political structure. The Soviet Union was a communist nation ruled by Joseph Stalin and The United States a Democracy, these became competing ideologies as The United States and The Soviet Union attempted to spread their ideologies throughout Europe and the rest of the world. This contest led us into what is called the Cold War, the fear following two world wars was that we would end up in another world war that we could possibly lose because The Soviet Union was able to expand their communist ideology to countries like Poland and even make allies with China who was in a vulnerable position as were many countries in Asia and eastern Europe. Although this war did not involve conventional warfare or any force on force tactics, The Cold War was fought in politics, the economy, and through the intelligence community.

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The World War II | Instant Homework Help
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