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Step One – Review this Material for the Discussion This discussion concerns Chapter 11 which discusses the rules of contract interpretation. We will be discussing contract interpretation of a clause from an AETNA student health insurance plan. Please review the following prior to participating in this discussion: Chapter 11 of your textbook, specifically, Sections 11-5, 11-5a, and 11-5b; and ‘What constitutes a riot is in the eyes of the beholder:’ Why health insurers may not cover treatment for injuries at protests Step Two – What to Post in Your Initial Response You must post your initial response prior to replying to others. Posting a blank message or a message with “.” in your first reply permits you to see others’ responses first, which will lead to receiving zero points for the initial post since it can provide an unfair advantage. Please copy and paste the AETNA health insurance contract that is the subject of this discussion. The provision is located in the “What constitutes a riot” article above. Please number the paragraph “1.” Using two to three sentences, state your opinion of the contract provision discussed in the article. You may focus on how the provision is written, your personal reaction to the language, or how you would improve the language, for example. Please number the paragraph “2.” Step Three – Post a Reply to Two Different Classmates Reply to two different classmates using at least two sentences in each reply. “Good job” and/or “I agree” will not suffice. Please tell a classmate why you agree or disagree with them and include your reasoning in each reply. If you disagree with a classmate, be sure to keep your comments respectful and constructive.

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What Constitutes a Riot | Instant Homework Help
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