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1. The late nineteenth century and early decades of the twentieth saw a _______________ stream of warnings by scientist, policymakers, and the popular press that “__________________” of the Nordic or Anglo-Saxon race—the _______________ Americans—by _______________European races (as well as by inferior non-European ones)was destroying the fabric of the nation.2. It is certainly true that the United States has a history of ______________and of beliefs that __________ are members of an inferior race.3. In the section of the text, “Whitening Euro-Ethnics,” by the time the author was an adolescent, Jews were just as___________ as the next person.4. Many white progressives and people of color have adopted the model of _____________________as the most promising way to solve racial _________________.5. Multiculturalism tries to correct the injustice by promoting respect and appreciation for minority cultures and contributions of people of color.Question 5 options:TrueFalse6. In order to remain ________________to their principles, multiculturalist must find ways to raise the value of minority cultures without _______________the value of the majority group.7. Multiculturalists argue that it is a mistake to force people of color to assimilate into Europeanized form of Christianity.Question 7 options:TrueFalse

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Whitening Euro-Ethnics | Instant Homework Help
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