Why Dogs are Better Than Cats | Instant Homework Help

persuasive speech on why dogs are better than cats.This speech should address a controversial topic on which a significant portion of your audience holds a different view from your own. You are seeking to modify your audience’s beliefs, attitudes, and/or behaviors by the speech. Use evidence and reasoning, not just emotional appeals. The use of quantitative reasoning (such as statistics) is required in this speech. Requirements · Prepare a formal outline worth 50 points in addition to the 130 points allocated for this assignment. Your outline should meet the requirements of this course packet. The outline must be handed in to your instructor and submitted to Canvas prior to speaking. ·Six sources will be required to receive full credit. At least one of your sources must be from someone who opposes your position on the topic. · The speech must be a two-sided presentation. You will need to research the opposing views on the topic and incorporate refutation of those views in your speech. Be sure to point out fallacies of reasoning, propaganda techniques, or other problems with the opposing side. · Use an extemporaneous delivery and appropriate attire. Your credibility is established, at least in part, by your physical appearance. · Speeches must be 6-8 minutes in length. Speeches that are over or under the time limit may be penalized at the instructor’s discretion. Speech Evaluation Criteria For this speech, we will be using the grading rubric for the persuasive speech. Speeches will be evaluated according to the following categories. Please see the rubric on canvas for specific grading criteria in each category. Organization- 20 pts · Introduction impact · Introduction thesis and audience connection · Introduction preview · Body main points · Conclusion review Content – 70pts · Support · Refutation · Reasoning · Call to action and impact · Source quantity · Source quality · Source utilization Delivery- 20 pts · Eye contact · Movement and gestures · Vocal variety · Language · Appearance Overall- 20 pts · Topic choice · Persuasiveness

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Why Dogs are Better Than Cats | Instant Homework Help
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