Thematic Connection

THE BOOK IS INTRODUCTION TO HUMANITIES With discussions they must be one to two paragraph Discussion 1 identifying a common theme in two different works, choose any two works from any time period, and find a thematic connection. Explain your choice using specific examples from each work. (The works you choose do not have to be from this week’s module. They can be from any time period or style—your choice!) Discussion 2Choose a work of Rococo or Neoclassical art and relate it to a contemporary work or social construct. What are some of the shared ideas or values that you see expressed, both in Rococo or Neoclassical art and in contemporary society? Discussion 3 Choose a work of art from the Romantic period that depicts Revolution/war (or anything related to it). Discuss the following: How do the formal qualities convey mood/tone/emotion? How are you (the viewer) encouraged to feel about this depiction and its participants (e.g., are you encouraged to take sides, be impartial, feel pity for/anger towards anyone)? Discussion 4Choose an Impressionist work of art that illustrates a significant cultural influence on its creation and discusses its historical context. How did the culture in which the work was created influence the work? (What particular ideologies played a role in its creation and where do you see this influence reflected in the work you chose?) Make sure to point to specific examples of the influence of the culture on the work. Use details in your explanation. For more information read this:

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[SOLVED] Contemporary Arts

Is there a common cultural artistic heritage in the Contemporary Arts that everyone should be knowledgeable about? Who should decide what is worth preserving and transmitting?  A 200-word summary of what you expect to learn in our course. Who should decide what is worth preserving and transmitting? For more information read this:

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[SOLVED] Giacometti and Moore

Take a look at the sculptures by Giacometti and Moore in your text.  Both pieces are good examples of the relationship between form, content,  and subject matter. How do you feel the form of each sculpture expresses the content? What specific characteristics give us clues and communicate meaning? Select the third work of art from the text and discuss how the form and content relate. Identify at least five visual elements and/or principles of design in your analysis of the third piece.

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[SOLVED] Liberal Arts

This discussion will focus on the following two readings: 7 Major Misperceptions About the Liberal Arts  (Links to an external site.)Employment outcomes in the four-year sector: The value of liberal arts degrees (Links to an external site.)Once you have reviewed this material, please address the following question in your initial post of 250+ words, including at least 2 additional academic resources. Explain what you see as the importance of a liberal arts education and how this relates to you. Using the two additional resources you have located, discuss the relevance of a liberal arts education in the 21st century. Explain what these authors tell us and discuss how this is either a valid or an invalid argument in support of a liberal arts education and why or why not.

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[SOLVED] Humanities Discussion

Select two classic paintings and suggest how through the means of art that the artist attempts to convey meaning. Your primary posting should be 250 words and two scholarly sources.For more information read this:

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[SOLVED] Caravaggio’s and Michelangelo Works

Art History- Internal rivalry of the Baroque artist Caravaggio with Renaissance artist Michelangelo as displayed in Caravaggio’s works. Three drafts have been submitted for the MA degree. I have all versions as well as committee notes. Parts need to be rewritten, revised and edited. All sources, bibliography and images in place but need revised.

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[SOLVED] Museum Exhibition

Museums and galleries are currently closed due to COVID-19, however, many major art museums have created online tours of their current, temporary exhibitions and are expanding the content on their websites. Write a review of TWO exhibitions of artworks that you view in the online exhibition (the following link are the exhibitions) & You may write a positive review or a negative review; it is most important to express your own reaction to the works. Pick a MINIMUM of TWO works of art PER EXHIBITION to write about. Clearly state the details of each artwork (artist name, the title of piece, year, the medium used) and if this is not stated in the video, look this up online. Search online for an artist’s or curator’s statement (if none is narrated in the video) to help you understand the context and concept of the work and the artistic intent.  Consider the elements of the artwork; the subject matter, the composition, and design elements, and the artist’s technique.  Is your reaction to the work emotional, intellectual, or both?  Be specific in stating your reasons and give examples of why you like or dislike the work. Do not finish with a conclusion (it is a waste of words).

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[SOLVED] Ancient Through the Renaissance

What are the implications of revelations about art not developing linearly and early Paleolithic artists not being as primitive as we previously thought? Use the Chauvet Cave as an example.

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[SOLVED] Tension and Repose in Music

Sources must be acknowledged. In this 2500-word paper, you must attempt the following task: Answer the question, ‘‘What produces tension and repose in music?’’ Explain the roles of conditioning and attitude. Identify and discuss the sources of tension and repose, and explain how the sources interrelate. Throughout, make detailed references to recordings in illustration of your discussion. You will need to refer to the Funes textbook frequently. Use his various forms of graphical representation if you find them helpful. There is no need to use other books or recordings. The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice in handling a large group of musical concepts and their interrelationships.

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[SOLVED] Implications of Revelations

Discuss the implications of revelations about art not developing linearly and early Paleolithic artists not being as primitive as we previously thought. Use the Chauvet Cave as an example.

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