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Assignment Content    This week, you will continue building the components of your business requirements document for Hollywood Organic Co-op. Last week you outlined how to electronically move data around in an EDMS. This week, you will further analyze Hollywood Organic Co-op’s workflow process as the e-documents move through the life cycle, with a focus on the disposition of the documents.Create a 2- to 4-page list in which you:Define the policies to apply to documents so that document-related controls are audited, documents are retained or disposed of properly, and content important to the organization is protected.Describe how documents are converted as they transition from one stage to another during their life cycles.Explain how e-documents are treated as corporate records that must be retained according to legal requirements and corporate guidelines.Recommend tools that are required to support disposing of information assets.Note: You may format this assignment in a bulleted list, document table, or other methods of your choice in a Microsoft® Word document. A narrative or formal paper is not required.Submit your assignment.

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Vadar owned Tatooine Farm.  He sold the farm to Luke.  Luke never recorded the deed.  Vadar stayed on the property as a tenant for two years. Near the end of the two years, Vadar learned that Luke had never recorded the deed.Vadar advertised Tatooine Farm for sale.  Leia negotiated with Vadar for the purchase of the property thinking that Vadar was the owner. Leia also checked the records at the recording office and, finding no reason to question Vadar’s ownership of the property, purchased Tatooine Farm from Vadar. Leia recorded the deed. Vadar fled to a place far, far away with the purchase money.Meanwhile, Luke had failed to pay the real estate taxes on Tatooine Farm for the two years in question thinking it was the responsibility of Vadar, the tenant.Ultimately, Leia and Luke disputed over the ownership of the property.Who gets the property, Leia or Luke? And, is Luke responsible for the two years of real estate taxes assessed while Vadar occupied the property as a tenant?

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Please the Ted Talk Your Strategy Needs A Strategy what is the key message that you took from the speech? Your response should be at least one paragraph

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Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review Chapters 8 and 9 of your textbook.In this week’s discussion, you identified parameters for your sample population. Now, you will need to create a survey proposal. Your survey must be thorough and persuasive enough to convince your leadership to sponsor your survey.In your paper,Explain why you want to conduct the survey and what you hope to gain from the survey responses.Identify the type(s) of data you hope to collect.Outline the parameters for your proposed survey, taking into consideration what you believe management wants to know.Create 10 sample questions that will be used in your survey, considering common issues in survey design.Explain your reasoning for choosing your sample questions.The Survey Proposal assignmentMust be two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an external site.) resource.

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For Assignment 1, your team will submit a set of student written case, which include the following:First, each team member will detail an organization she/he is familiar (e.g. work, school, volunteer, hobby, or family), including the organization mission, core product or service, size (number of locations/employees), and clients (type and number).Second, within that organization, select one group (i.e. office, department, or team) that will be the focus (and again, consider the mission, product/service, size, and clients).Finally, outline one potent

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David Wallace was the president, chairman of the board of directors, and majority shareholder of Paper Imports, Inc. Acting as president, David Wallace negotiated a series of contracts that caused the corporation serious economic losses. As president, David Wallace failed to exercise the care of a reasonably prudent person acting in similar circumstances.When substantial economic losses began to pile up, David Wallace insisted that the corporation breach a contract with Dunder Company in favor of a larger contract with Mifflin Enterprises. David Wallace hoped to reverse Paper Imports, Inc. economic decline through this contract with Mifflin, but the attempt failed. Paper Imports, Inc. insolvent and failed.There were two lawsuits against David Wallace, (1) a creditor of Paper Imports, Inc. sued David Wallace alleging that the negligence of David Wallace had caused Paper Imports Inc. to fail to pay the creditor, and (2)  Dunder Company sued David Wallace claiming that David Wallace caused Paper Imports, Inc. to breach its contract with Dunder.Who would win in each of these lawsuits?

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ILO: Define the elements of plain language, readability, and usability.ILO: Translate messages into professional writing style.InstructionsAs you’ve learned more about plain language and professional writing style, your task this week is to find examples of “gobbledygook” or “academese” and translate those examples into plain language. You can use any artifacts from your daily life as examples; manuals, instructions, letters, notices, or legal documents are all a good place to start. Please submit the following items: A copy of the original document.A revised version of the document written in plain language and professional writing styleA one-paragraph reflection on any challenges you face converting the original document to plain language. 

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BMW Group assembles cars in China, Jaguar Land Rover Group (Tata’s Motors subsidiary) established manufacturing facilities in India, etc. Explain how cost-minimizing input rule affects “outsourcing” decisions of auto companies. Please provide all references and inside citation

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Develop a decision matrix, select a contract for your turnaround project, and provide a rationale and a statement of work (SOW) for the turnaround project.This portfolio work, procurement contract analysis, selection and administration, is based on your selected business or IT project. You may base your assessment on the Revive LLC case study, for the development of a new online employee orientation module. Business and information technology (IT) employees as well as contractors will be utilized in this project.Through the project procurement process, various types of contractual agreements between the seller and buyer should be reviewed and analyzed, with the most appropriate contract type being selected. Contracts are legal agreements that bind both parties to specific deliverable, time, and costs obligations. There are three types of contracts: fixed-price contracts; cost-reimbursable contracts; and time and material contracts. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. You will find out and decide the best type of contract after considering the circumstances, timing requirements, budget availability, and market conditions that suit your organization.Contract administration is the process that ensures the supplier or vendor meets the contractual requirements. It is simply a matter of monitoring the performance against the agreed upon plan (contract). It is essential that project managers involve the contracting (legal) and procurement (purchasing) experts in the administration of the contract.As part of the contract evaluation and selection process, a detailed description of the work required, including (but not limited to) scope, time, and quality, is defined in a document called the statement of work (SOW). The types of SOW documents and their associated components will be evaluated in this assessment.

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In a 3 page essay:Visit the websites of both General Electric (GE) and Sunbelt Rentals. Using the informationfound in those sites as well as your own outside reasearch, create a 2-3 page essay in which youanswer the following questions:Identify the problems faced by each of the businesses and how they weresolved or could be solved by using mobile digital devices.What kinds of applications have been or couldhavebeen used? What types of business functions do these applications support? How do theseapplications improve operational efficiency and decision making?Your essay should be 2-3 pages in lengthand fully explore all of the following items described above. Include at least 2 outside citations (not including your text) and use proper APA formatting. Points Possible: 50

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