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Part IFormattingMaximum length allowed for Part I is 3 typed pages. Single spaced is okay. Be clear and concise.Include the bolded phrases (sub-headers) below and follow the outline.Don’t use complete sentences (e.g., Use “In business for 20 years” instead of “We have been in business for past 20 years”).ComponentsMy product and firmProduct/service (list your product’s name here)Outline information about the product/service you are selling (what it is, how it works, how the buyers would useit). This should be written in easy-to-understand language (e.g., don’t copy this out of a brochure ortechnical product description). Don’t list the pros and cons of your product here.My company (list your company’s name here).Outline information about the company you are representing (e.g. number of plants/offices, image, size, anything else that will be helpful for the buyer to know).My BuyerThe buying firm and the buyer (list the buying firm’s name here)Outline information about the company you are selling to. Give enough information so that the buyer can understand what the buying firm does andwhat product/service it is currently using (that you will replace with your product/service). Remember toinclude the title (and brief job description) of your buyer.Buyer’s needsBuyers’ Needs – Outline information about your buyer’s needs with regard to your type of product as far as you understand themnow. You MUST provide enough information for the buyer to answer your needs identification questions generally understand the situation. Note: only list about two basic needs.Buyer’s Customer’sNeeds – If you’re selling something that will be resold (e.g., you are selling Hunts Ketchup toSam’s for them to sell to the public), include here the needs of your customers (e.g., person who walksinto Sam’s to buy ketchup).What you’ve done so far with this buyer’s firmOutline information aboutwhat you have done with this buyer to this point (e.g. results of previous meetings or phoneconversations; material you have sent them to look at; conversations you have had with someoneelse in this buyer’s organization).The buyers’ optionsProvide enough information so that the buyer can easily understand his/her options.Your own product/service – (Put actual name here. Include prices.) Strengths and weaknesses. Use a table format.Direct competitor number one – (Put actualname here. Include prices.) Strengths and weaknesses. Use a table format.Direct competitornumber two – (Put actual name here. Include prices.) Strengths and weaknesses. Use a tableformat.ObjectivesOutline your goals for this meeting. Make sure they are specific, realistic, andmeasurable.

Jun 27th, 2021

 Business & Finance - Marketing

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Discuss in a minimum 700 words the differences between the traditional media option and the new media option in terms of audience, reach, channel and content. A table of differences may be used to concisely illustrate the differences but you must include a discussion of insights/concerns/issues between the media options.traditional media option (print, TV, radio, billboard, etc.) and one new (social media) 

Jun 27th, 2021

 Business & Finance - Marketing

Role of Social and News Media on a Business | Instant Homework Help

safeassign will be used to check for plagiarismInstructionsThe role of social and news media on a business. Compose an essay examining this topic. In your essay, be sure to include the criteria below.· Distinguish the pros and cons of social media in successful business strategy.· Explain how business strategy is affected by the news media.· Discuss ways that businesses implement strategies to interact with the news media.Your essay must be a minimum of (2) pages in length. It should include an introduction, a clear thesis statement, and a conclusion. In addition, a minimum of two academic sources (peer reviewed) must be used, cited, and referenced in 7th edition APA format.

Jun 12th, 2021

 Business & Finance - Marketing

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For your final writing assignment, conduct a three page brand assessment for the product you selected for your final presentation. Use the textbook for further guidance on branding. Evaluate the strength of your brand through external marketing materials such as social media, advertising, and other brand-generated sources (include examples in an appendix that does not count towards the page count). Are brand elements consistent? What is the tone like? What is the target market of the brand?Name five adjectives that describe the brand. How does this brand make you feel?Identify at least one competitor and compare your brand to theirs — how is their positioning in relation to yours? Can you find data online about the success of your company as compared to theirs?Is your brand available internationally? If so, what are examples of international marketing materials, and are they different from American branding?What are areas in which your brand can be changed or repositioned in order to be most successful? How would you recommend addressing these issues? 

Jun 11th, 2021

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