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– Need someone to write a 12 lined, A-B-A-B rhyme scheme love poem that’s 100% not plagerized.- Basically saying how much I love and cherish her.- Would like it to be creative and feeling put into it

Sep 11th, 2021

Creative Writing


Imitate the sample below…  Choose one of the passages from Martin that you annotated (NOT the one used in the sample below). Answer the questions from the AGWR that one should ask oneself when reading fiction. Then fill out a chart detailing some of the choices the author makes with his writing and how you think those choices affect the audience. Then, based on that analysis, say what mood you think Martin is trying to achieve with his audience. SAMPLE “All the while the courses came and went. A thick soup of barley and venison. Salads of sweetgrass and spinach and plums, sprinkled with crushed nuts. Snails in honey and garlic. Sansa had never eaten snails before; Joffrey showed her how to get the snail out of the shell, and fed her the first sweet morsel himself. Then came trout fresh from the river, baked in clay; her prince helped her crack open the hard casing to expose the flaky white flesh within. And when the meat course was brought out, he served her himself, slicing a queen’s portion from the joint, smiling as he laid it on her plate. She could see from the way he moved that his right arm was still troubling him, yet he uttered not a word of complaint. Later came sweetbreads and pigeon pie and baked apples fragrant with cinnamon and lemon cakes frosted in sugar, but by then Sansa was so stuffed that she could not manage more than two little lemon cakes, as much as she loved them. She was wondering whether she might attempt a third when the king began to shout.” ____________________________ Who is speaking?             The narrator, but it’s Sansa’s point of view. What is happening? What is the situation?             It’s a royal feast of some kind–there is a king mentioned, and she calls Joffrey her prince. What just happened in the story?             Something worth celebrating, because there’s this feast celebration happening. What will happen next?             Something bad. The king is shouting, and that can’t be good.   Choices Martin Makes                                                Effect of those Choices on Reader     series/list separated with and instead of commas “sweetgrass and spinach and plums” “sweetbreads and pigeon pie and baked apples fragrant with cinnamon and lemon cakes frosted in sugar,”   all of the conjunctions–the ands–make the writing sound a little breathless, as if there is so much that you have to say it all at once–this contributes to the idea of excessive food at this dinner. ALSO: the second example lists fancy food, which says this dinner is high quality as well (and b/c there is so much of it, contributes again to the idea of excess)  having Joffrey feed Sansa/help her with actually eating — “Joffrey showed her how to get the snail out of the shell, and fed her the first sweet morsel himself.” “her prince helped her crack open the hard casing” “he served her himself, slicing a queen’s portion from the joint, smiling as he laid it on her plate.”   tells the reader that Sansa is not very worldly or experienced with fancy food. Also tells the reader that Joffrey likes to be in control–he feeds her like she is a baby. You could interpret that as he is being gallant and romantic, or that he is being creepy. Might also tell us Sansa is passive. She is like the food, though–at the mercy of Joffrey. the food Joffrey feeds Sansa is all encased or confined “get the snail out of the shell” “trout fresh from the river, baked in clay”   This gives the reader a feeling of being trapped. Everything is confined, not only the food, but also Sansa. She can only eat what he feeds her, and he has to get it out of its cases/shells for her.  a lot of really long sentences The reader is a little overwhelmed by the experience, like Sansa is. We–and she–are supposed to be a little intimidated. …all of this leads me to think that the mood Martin is trying to establish in this scene is a feeling of being overwhelmed and overstimulated. It’s a little intimidating.   NOW YOU DO IT.  Pick one of the other excerpts, pick at least three things that you notice in the writing–adjectives, grammar and syntax, what is being described–and then talk about how those choices on Martin’s part affect the reader’s opinion/feelings.

Sep 10th, 2021

Creative Writing

Student Loan Scholarship | Instant Homework Help

This is a short-style essay that is supposed to be 250 words or less. The essay is part of a student loan scholarship contest (e.g., the winner will receive a scholarship that can be used toward their student loan). The topic of the essay is as follows: If money wasn’t an issue, where would you go and why?

Jul 10th, 2021

Creative Writing

Creative Writing for Scholarship | Instant Homework Help

In a word document, answer the prompt in 250 words or less: Which superhero or villain would you want to change places with for a day and why?” (250 words or less)

Jul 8th, 2021

Creative Writing

Interview and Case Managemrent | Instant Homework Help

A client’s social history can be a valuable tool when working with clients and setting goals. Completing a social history form or documenting it in another way, can serve as a broader view of where the client was when he or she came in and current issues. To create a social history document, it should be a collaborative process with the client, in order to make recommendations for actions to resolve the issue. For this Assignment, you will create a brief social history and in Week 9 a service plan on a colleague that was assigned to you last week. For this assignment you work in pairs using the scenario in the resources about a Syrian teen, George, from the interactive community. To Prepare Schedule a call or Skype session with your colleague. Then, use the outline in Chapter 16 of your Summers textbook. Take turns over the phone or Skype with your colleague playing the human and social services worker and the interviewee, George. Click on George in the Community Center of the Interactive Learning Community, you will see his background at the bottom. The rest of the Interactive Learning Community where he lives is there so you can draw upon the community background while role playing. When participating as George, you can make up the information to fill the gaps, when being interviewed. The most important takeaways are that you are practicing taking a social history and organizing it appropriately. You should be referring to Chapter 16 of your Summers textbook for advice on completing a social history appropriately. For this Assignment Complete a Social History of George from the interview that you conducted. Use the headers outlined in Chapter 16 of your Summers textbook (pg. 298 Figure 16.1).

Jul 7th, 2021

Creative Writing

interview and Case Managment | Instant Homework Help

Final Project: Interviewing Video 2 This week, you will submit your second interviewing video that continues to demonstrate your interviewing skills of attending/observation, open-ended questions, encouraging, paraphrasing and summarizing. This week, you should also demonstrate empathetic responding and reflection of feelings in your interview. To Prepare Review the Video Vignette in this Week’s Resources. You will continue your previous interview with the fictitious character. The interview should be staged as if it is a follow-up from your previous interview. You should practice using Kaltura before conducting your interview. For this Assignment Complete a 10-minute interview of a second meeting you would have with the interviewee, based on the previous scenario. Ensure that you are demonstrating Empathetic responses and reflection of feelings. In the beginning of the recording, the interviewee’s verbal consent is needed where he or she acknowledges that he or she understands this is a fictitious scenario.

Jul 7th, 2021

Creative Writing

Bio Poem | Instant Homework Help

Students typically write bio-poems about themselves, but the poems can also be written about historical or literary figures. You can choose who you want to write about. Select what you want included in the bio-poem. A poem typically includes the following information: Adjectives that you would use to describe yourself Relationships in your life (e.g., friend, brother, daughter) Things you love Important memories Fears Accomplishments Hopes or wishes Home (location) You can adapt this format to include other items, such as important moments, heroes, beliefs, and special sayings or words. DB #3 PART TWO: Objective and Subjective Poems After learning the difference between objective and subjective poetry, try writing an objective poem and a subjective poem using the examples provided as well as the lecture notes. For this assignment you should: 1. Post 2-4 pgs of your own, original, creative writing to be workshopped Feel free to make up something/anything you want to write about

Jul 6th, 2021

Creative Writing

Fortune Sneaks Buy and Supply | Instant Homework Help

Idea: Fortune Sneaks Buy and Supply (Social Enterprise) Description: Fortune Sneaks is a sneaker shop that invests into clothing stores to supply kids with school uniforms whenever a purchase of shoes is made. We partner with clothing stores to give kids the clothes needed for school so their parents can have the necessary funds to focus on the other important components that come with the new school year. Target Market: Our target market would be any families with children going to school from Head Start all the way up to 12th Grade. No matter your age we supply shoes to any and everyone and in turn you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped a young man/woman get clothes for the school year. Competition: Our competition would be TOMS shoes who donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold as well as State Bags who gives a book bag full of school supplies to a child in need for every book bag sold. State Bags would be a direct competitor because they are geared towards promoting education kind of in the same area as Fortune Sneaks as well as TOMS because they focus on the need of children and also promote education that being one of the reasons they donate shoes. Indirect competitor would be BARON FIG which is when you buy a book they plant a tree so they would be more towards the promoting environmental consciousness making them a competitor but not directly related to my field. Competitive Advantage: The competitive advantage I would have is that I would have all of the new releases of shoes but they would be sold a little under retail bringing in heavy traffic which would means more clothes for the children while also providing incentives for my repeat customers and pushing the long lasting benefit buying shoes you were going to get anyway has on the upcoming generation as well as the community. Pricing Strategy: As mentioned in my competitive advantage my shoes will be sold at a discounted rate a little under retail making them much more affordable with the same authentic quality of my competitors. I would except both cash as well as visa to make customer transactions flow a lot smoother and get you on about your day as quickly as possible but also allowing you the time to browse our various collection of sneakers. Just to give an example of price range say you were buying the Pine Green Jordan 1’s, at retail those are 160 according to stock x I would then mark down that price and sell them for around 125 on top of you getting some type of discount on your next purchase granted you tell someone about my business that’s just to give you an idea. The Organizational Plan Summary is a concise report of your idea and its feasibility. It is an early attempt to pull together your work on ideation, opportunity identification, opportunity assessment, customer discovery, and customer validation. While it is not a complete business plan, it does address how you will create and capture value. You may identify an idea in any of the following topic areas covered in this course: ? Social enterprise – remember to encompass how the venture will achieve its impact and the plan itself. Create an opportunity/solving a current problem with a plan of action. Cover Page ? Introduction (The “Hook” – Problem statement that engages the reader) ? Organization Description (overview of who, what, when, where, why, and how) ? Mission/Vision ? Product/Service Description (product, pricing strategy, place/distribution) ? Competitive Differentiation (Unique Selling Proposition or Value Proposition – use your research!) ? Customer & Market Analysis, including market size and potential customers (Target market and industry overview, including relevant trends – provide data and cite it in APA format – use your research!) ? Competitor Analysis (direct and indirect – use your research!) ? Financial Information – (Financial projections and startup capital requirements – How much money do you need, in what form, to do what, and how will it return to the lender or investor? When will you be profitable? How profitable? – educated estimates) ? Sustainability & Growth (Long term sustainability – How will you grow, survive and succeed? What makes the team right for the business? Who will be on it? What roles need to be filled? What makes you qualified to succeed? – This section should make the reader want to invest or join the team!) Unlike much of the written work that you complete during undergraduate studies, this summary is limited in size and scope. It is meant to be clear, concise and compelling. The following rules apply: ? Limit is 10 pages without appendices and references (double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12- point Times New Roman font). ? Include a cover page with the organization’s name and names of the members on it (not included in the ten-page limit). ? Include a “hook” in the Introduction at the beginning to capture the reader’s interest and attention. ? Use subheadings to clarify segments. ? Use References in APA 7th format to cite your sources. (You must have sources. Typically, eight (8) to 12 different citations are sufficient to support this). Complete identification of sources, using APA citation format and a full list of sources referenced, must be included in the paper. Note that Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for an academic research paper, although you may use it to obtain a general overview of the topic. The “References” page does not count toward the page maximum.) ? You may want to create a Business Model Canvas to help you sort out these categories of information. You are welcome to include it in the appendices (not part of the ten-page limit). ? Remember to select a voice (“we” or “they”) and a tense (“future” or “present”) to talk about the business and use each consistently so that the paper does not keep shifting from one to another. ? The Organization Plan Summary is a team project and each team member is expected to participate in all aspects of the project. If team members write their sections of the Organizational Plan Summary separately, it is important to revise the document to avoid a “Frankenstein” paper written in different voices, tenses, fonts, and styles.

Jun 29th, 2021

Creative Writing

Dedication and My Career Dream | Instant Homework Help

A scholarship essay less than 275 words about my dedication to Creative Writing and how I will use that to achieve my dream job. Dream job – writer on SNL, stand-up comedian

Jun 29th, 2021

Creative Writing

Ending a Paper | Instant Homework Help

Review these documents–“Thesis, Topic & Conclusion,” “Ending a Paper,” Review the feedback provided to you and then complete the following by Sunday at 11:59 pm. Paste the original and the edited versions (two) of the graph into your journal and include a graph that explains the changes made and most importantly why. Your journal will include: Three separate paragraphs must be part of this journal entry: 1. Original paragraph and 2. Edited one with the marks mentioned above from your peers (two) and 3. A reflection paragraph on the how you will incorporate these suggestions into your second draft. In total, this entry must be a minimum of 300 words for all paragraphs combined. The word count should be included at the end.

Jun 16th, 2021

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