[Solved] Ethics in the Community

In Chapter 1 of your text, you saw how moral reasoning involves moving back and forth between general, abstract ideas like principles and values and particular concrete judgments about what is good or right, and seeking to find a kind of agreement or equilibrium between those. In Chapters 3, 4, and 5, you were introduced to utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics. Each of these ethical theories represents different ways of reasoning about ethical questions, based in different account of the principles, values, and other conceptions that inform the “abstract” side of the dialectic. In this course, and in much of life, the “concrete” ethical issues that receive the most attention are frequently those that elicit passionate responses and widespread debate, affect large numbers of people, involve matters of deep significance like life and death or fundamental rights, and so on. However, as important as these issues are, there is often a limit to how much impact most individuals can have on such matters; instead, the place where ethics and moral reasoning have their greatest impact is in one’s local community. Thus, in this final discussion board, you will demonstrate your grasp of the relation between the abstract ideas in one of these theories and a concrete ethical issue or social problem in your local community. Engage the community: Begin by finding an ethical issue or social problem that currently impacts or has recently impacted your local or regional community (such as your neighborhood, town or city, county, school district, religious community, or something of similar scope to any of these). Briefly summarize the issue or problem, and provide a link to a news article, video, or some other resource that documents the issue or problem so that your fellow students can learn more about it when formulating their responses to you. Apply the theory: Next, choose one of the ethical theories and discuss how the moral reasoning of the theory might be used to address or resolve the issue or problem. Evaluate the reasoning: In evaluating the application of the moral theory you may, for example, consider one or more questions like: Does this differ from the way this issue is currently being addressed? Does it present a better response than another ethical approach would? Does the theory present an adequate response to the issue, or does it leave significant aspects of the issue unresolved? Does applying the theory to this issue raise other problems or concerns? In light of this issue, are there ways the principles or values of the theory might need to be modified from the form that we studied in class?

Nov 30th, 2021


[Solved] Ethics of Ambiguity

Charitably imagine how de Beauvoir, from her Ethics of Ambiguity, would argue for or against a significant argument from English’s “What do Adult Children Owe Their Parents,” they argue for or against that imagined argument. In five pages 1) explain to your reader the bare minimum needed to know from either English’s “What do Adult Children Owe Their Parents” or de Beauvoir’s Ethics of Ambiguity, depending on the one you exclusively focus on in your essay; 2) argue for or against one significant argumentative claim made by either English’s “What do Adult Children Owe Their Parents” or de Beauvoir’s Ethics of Ambiguity (note, your essay should exclusively focus in on one of the two authors); and 3) defend your argument against a naysayer.

Nov 29th, 2021


[Solved] Being an Effective Follower

Why is being an effective follower important? Additionally, why is “managing up” important as a follower within an organization? Describe the strategy for managing up that you most prefer. Explain. Include 1 research cited. The learning objectives which align with this discussion forum include: Effectively manage both up and down the hierarchy Apply the principles of effective followership, including responsibility, service, challenging authority, participating in change, and knowing when to leave Implement the strategies for effective followership at school or work

Nov 28th, 2021


[Solved] Virtues of Belief

Write a short composition consisting of at least one and a half pages but no more than three pages of a nonsense essay, where you describe three logically impossible scenarios, and why they are logically impossible? Please explain.

Nov 23rd, 2021


[Solved] Smoking in college campuses

The discussions include an ethical dilemma form each chapter. Use the steps on page 16 to analyze each dilemma. Make your responses detailed and thoughtful. I encourage you to type it in a word processing program to check for grammar and spelling. However, do not attach a word document to the discussion. You are also required to react to or comment on at least two other students’ responses to the question or topic. In this way, we can get a true discussion going about the topic. Make your comments to other students’ substantive. The instructor will assess each student’s participation for each discussion topic by assigning a score from 0 to 10 according to the criteria below: A Discussion (9-10 points): Distinguished/Outstanding Students earning an “A” for discussion activities have participated 3 or more times during the week and have posted outstanding information. “A” discussion postings • are made in time for others to read and respond • deliver information that is full of thought, insight, and analysis • make connections to previous or current content or to real-life situations • contain rich and fully developed new ideas, connections, or applications You are a rookie police officer who responds to a call for officer assistance. Arriving at the scene, you see a ring of officers surrounding a suspect who is down on his knees. You don’t know what happened before you arrived, but you see a sergeant use a Taser on the suspect, and you see two or three officers step in and take turns hitting the suspect with their nightsticks about the head and shoulders. This goes on for several minutes as you stand in the back of the circle. No one says anything that would indicate that this is not appropriate behavior. What would you do? What would you do later when asked to testify that you observed the suspect make “threatening” gestures to the officers involved?

Nov 20th, 2021


[Solved] Morality and Ethics

Write a half single-space summary on the topic of why morality matters which should include the main topic or subject of the chapter and what appeared to be most important and relevant. The other half of the page should be single-spaced reflection that will represent your personal opinion on the chapter. this can include (culture, faith , personal experience), something that you liked or did not like about the chapter

Nov 12th, 2021


[Solved] Social Contract

Time to write up your social contract! I want you to explain your idea of the correct American social contract as pertaining to the American welfare system. This is an ideological document in which you will need to express the following items: A. What kind of creatures are human beings and why should they live under a government of any kind? (10 pts) B. If humans are going to live under a government, what is the best sort of “contract” that we should engage in between ruler and ruled? Or put another way, what sorts of duties/rights do the government and people owe each other? (15 pts) C. What rights should citizens enjoy, and what duties should they shoulder, in terms of their employment? Try to consider how we deal with different work statuses (permanently unemployed, temporarily unemployed, underemployed, self-employed, between jobs, etc). (15 pts) Note: This is not an assignment asking you what kind of social contract that we do have. I’m asking what kind of social contract do you wish that we would have in relation to work (employment and unemployment)? Very different question. So don’t get into explaining Constitutional history to me. You’re allowed to start completely from scratch. What sort of social work arrangement is best for human beings living in a diverse society? Facts, expert authorities, and logically reasoning from premise to conclusion in a consistent manner will all be helpful in making your point. You will need to complete this assignment in less than one single-spaced page or roughly 500 words. I will not set a minimum but rest assured that a 2-paragraph answer will not be sufficient to effectively complete the assignment.

Nov 11th, 2021


[Solved] Self Care

Explain how self-care is important in being an ethical professional in helping professions. You may use these five pillars to guide your response.

Nov 11th, 2021


[Get Solution] Research Proposals

(I am doing milestone one)  In Task 2-2, you will submit a 1-2 page Research Proposal that identifies the topic and includes the following information. The topic should include introduction and background information. It will be important to explain the problem that you identified and how it came to your attention and the perspective that served as a background for the issue or strategy that is your focus. After identifying the question(s) you intend to answer, you will begin to collect and analyze the data. You will need to explain your research methodology (i.e., typology, supporting data collection methods, and analysis plan). Describe the types of data you intend to collect. If applicable, identify any documents that you intend to develop as you collect the data. Predict any challenges you think you might face in collecting your data. It will be important to address the following questions: How will you analyze the data you collected? What were the challenges you think you might face in analyzing the data? Is the broad enough to allow for a range of insights and findings; and conversely Is it narrow enough to be manageable within your time frame and your daily work? Why do you want to research this specific topic/problem?

Jul 17th, 2021


Organ Donation | Instant Homework Help

Watch the video CNN: Organ Donation or Assisted Suicide? Then, Discuss the ethical and legal issues presented by an attempted organ donation of this type. Do you think this type of organ donation would deter future organ donors? Why or why not?

Jul 12th, 2021

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