[SOLVED] The Rule of Law

Presentation Assignment – Revised (November 16, 2020)Your assignment is to write a report on how a specific idea or kind of technology developed over time. Your topic must relate to cross-cultural exchange and change over time by studying its use across two world regions (or cultures). The report may include images or diagrams where necessary and must use the following three-part format:Part 1: 300-500 words that describe your topic, the time period you are studying, and location. Also, talk give a general summary of how it changed the society that it originated in.Part 2: 250-300 words: compare how the idea or technology you are researching was used across at least two cultures or world regions after its invention or discovery.Part 3: 250-500 words: how is this idea/technology used today? Discuss some applications and review how they are different (or same) than in the earlier history you reviewed above.Referring to class lectures or readings as sources is not necessary. However, you will have to use at least one independent scholarly source (a research article, an academic website, or work). Include a bibliography to cite your sources at the end of your report. You may use the citation style of your choice (APA/Chicago/Harvard…).Here are some of many possible topics to consider for your report…Technology: writing (cuneiform, paper, printing); weaponry/warfare (bow, composite bow, cross-bow, gunpowder etc..), navigation (compass, astrolab); transportation (wheel, cart, train); cosmetics (kohl, lipstick); fashion (high-heel shoes)Ideas: politics (democracy, anarchy, sovereignty, sacred kingship); law (legal codes, rule of law, punishment); religion (monotheism, polytheism, animism, ancestor worship); philosophy (Confucianism, natural law, humanism)

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[SOLVED] Criticisms of International Trade

1. What are the three most important takeaways/lessons from the material provided in this online course (the entire semester) and why? (150 words or more)2. How did the material provided in this course assist your growth as a student and as an individual, in general? (150 words or more).Reference I will send to you in the chat.

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[SOLVED] Housing And The Depression

Two-page Synthesis:What is the correlation between housing and quality of life outcomes? Make sure to discuss how the attributes of a neighborhood/community affect quality of life for residents. How do development regulations impact the community?

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National Healthcare Reform

As the Executive Director of the National Association for Managed Care Organizations, you know that national healthcare reform will bring about revolutionary changes in your member organizations. Public outcry for changes has been heard loud and long, Congress is calling for reform, and providers are extremely frustrated with how you pay and control the utilization of services. You have been invited by a congressional panel to discuss how the managed care industry can be overhauled to provide a more customer-responsive product and address the issue of national healthcare costs. What are the high-priority issues that will need to be discussed to overhaul the managed care industry? What stakeholders must be considered in the planning process?

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Legislative Tracking

For our final assignment of the semester, write an essay about the five bills you’ve been tracking all semester.Discuss the progress and current status of each one, and what you’ve learned about each one. If there were hearings, mention some of the people who testified and who they represented. If there were votes, talk about those. I know the legislature has a few weeks to go. What do you think will happen to each of your bills? How would you vote on each of them if you were a member of the state legislature?Submit in Word. Cite your sources.BELOW YOU WILL FIND BILLS IVE BEEN TRACKINGTracking UpdatH.B. 174 by Canales (Textbooks)- 02/25/2021 H Referred to Ways & Means.S.B. 125 by Johnson (Texas Clean Care Act) – 03/03/2021 S Referred to Natural Resources & Economic DevelopmentS.B. 11 by Huffman (Composition of the court Appeals District) – 04/15/2021 S Left pending in committeeH.B. 69 by Toth (Prohibiting Abortion at or After 12 Weeks) – 02/25/2021 H Referred to Public Health.H.B. 829 by Thompson, Sinfonia (Police Officer Misconduct) – 04/14/2021 H Reported favorably w/o amendment(s)

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African Countries

What is corruption and why is it highly growing in african countries

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[SOLVED] Financing State Government

Texas Budget AssignmentLast year, Texas legislators approved a $251 billion biennial budget to fund our state government for the next two years. Amazingly, Greg Abbott did not issue a single line-item veto – the first governor since Allan Shivers in 1955 to sign a budget without a single change.Take a look at the Texas Tribune’s budget breakdown:https://apps.texastribune.org/features/2019/house-senate-texas-budgets-2020/ (Links to an external site.)and Texas Tribune’s article about the passage of the bill:https://www.texastribune.org/2019/05/26/texas-budget-house-senate-2019/ (Links to an external site.)For this assignment, you are now a state representative serving on the House Appropriations Committee, which is the budget-writing committee chaired until this year by Rep. John Zerwas (R-Richmond), an anesthesiologist who is retiring this year after 12 years in the House of Representatives. For this assignment, you represent the district where you live, wherever that is. What do you think your constituents want in a state budget? Are they more worried about public education? Higher Education? Health care? Highways? Crime? Are they more worried about keeping their taxes down? Without trying to write an entire budget, explain in our standard 2 – 5 page essay what spending priorities would be important to you and why. For what changes would you advocate?Note: (This is the important part) Texas is required by its Constitution to have a balanced budget, so if you argue in your essay for a $50 million increase in a program that’s important to your district, make sure you tell where you would either cut $50 million from another program, or how you would raise $50 million in additional revenue.Submit in Word. Cite sourcesAdditional ResourcesHow do I know which state representative district I’m in? Click here: https://wrm.capitol.texas.gov/home (Links to an external site.) (Remember, your state representative district is not your congressional district.)Budget 101, from the Senate Research Center, will tell you WAY more than you need to know about how the state budget is written (but you might want to use it to look something up): https://senate.texas.gov/_assets/srcpub/85th_Budget_101.pdf (Links to an external site.)The House Research Organization has a document that takes you through the House version in plain language (more or less): https://hro.house.texas.gov/pdf/focus/2019CSHB_1.pdf

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[SOLVED] Amendments to The Constitution

You have been asked to rewrite one of the amendments to the Constitution. Which amendment would you choose and why? What changes would you make in rewriting this amendment? How would this affect the day-to-day lives of U.S. citizens and residents today?

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Structural Adjustment Programs

Discuss the role of Structural Adjustment Programs, both as a solution to Africa’s problems and as an accumulator of more problems

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[SOLVED] THE Executive Agencies

THE Presidency1. Even though most modern democracies favor parliamentary or semi presidential systems over a strong presidential system, why has the U.S. Congress been willing to delegate so much authority to the chief executive?2. Discuss the formal and informal resources available to the President as she/he attempts to persuade others to help them meet their goals?3. From where do other nations’ leaders derive their power? For example, compare the source of power in both the British monarch and the Prime Minster to our president.THE Executive Agencies4. What factors complicate the president’s effort to manage the Executive Branch?5. Why do executive officials frequently disobey presidential directives? What does this behavior reveal about the motivations and incentives that executive officials sense and that influence how they do their jobs?6. How much power do executive agencies, their executives, and their civil-service employees exercise? What are the sources of their power?

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