[Solved] Newtons Physics

1.  Why did some people see Newton’s physics as the enemy of religion?  Why did Newton believe his science was supportive of religious views? 2.  What is deism?  What do you think of this view of God?  (Show some original thought into your response!)Use your own words sources

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[Solved] Astronomy Writing

1. Use the information in Section 6-1 and write a summary of the Nice model of how the solar system formed. Explain how the solar nebula collapsed, how the protosun formed, how the planetary disk formed, the role of temperature at different locations of the solar system (i.e the snow line & how it relates to what substances were found on either side of it), and the role of collision & accretion in forming the planetesimals. This question is worth up to 10 points.2. Use the information in Section 6-2 to summarize how each of these planets formed: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune formed. Include information about what they are made of and why, the order in which they formed, and where they formed (5 points)3. Use the information in Section 6-3 to summarize how the inner planets formed. Include information on what they are made of as compared to the outer planets, and where their water came from. (5 points)4. Use the information in Section 6-11 and describe the general pattern of orbital size, planet size, and density across the solar system. Also describe the planetary debris (comets, asteroids, meteoroids) and dwarf planets in our solar system including where we would find them and what they are made of. (5 points)5. Use the information in Section 6-12 and compare/contrast the planets in our solar system to planets in other system in terms of their size/density, masses, orbits, age, etc (5 points)Make sure your answers are focused on what is being asked in each question and that the answers are in-depth with lots of relevant details.

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[Solved] Attention Merchant

Thinking about the idea of attention as a limited, valuable resource, provide an example of the issue that Dr. Wu brings up in the video that you have experienced in your life.

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[Solved] Quantum Mechanical

Final Project about Quantum Mechanical differential equation solved. Final Project Guidelines The final project must be done independently by you, without seeking help from any other person besides the course instructor. You can use your notes, the textbook, and resources from the internet provided no other person is writing the paper for you.  Cheating will result in an automatic ‘F’ for the course.  The paper must be around 7-8 pages in length (with the references), written in Times, 11 or 12pt font, 1.0 or 1.5 spacing. The paper must be well-organized and include (i) a general introduction to the subject being discussed, (ii) a mathematical section which clearly explains the mathematical equations in detail, (iii) the results of your mathematical analysis which could include showing some calculations by hand, if it is possible, or any other relevant calculations (iv) results from Maple such as graphs – try to do a thorough analysis of your problem to understand what the equation is telling you, (v) a discussion which summarizes the work you have done and points out new things you may have learned in the process of doing this project. The paper must include a  reference section which includes a list of all the articles, websites that have been used. Please also make sure to cite the references in the paper inappropriate places.  The topic of the paper can be anything relevant to the course (Differential equations). You may look up the website link provided on canvas under the ‘Final Project’ module for some ideas. You can also use data for the project or use ideas from a paper you may have read. The idea can come from anywhere but the explanation must be your own and you must clearly show me that you understand what you are talking about. For more information on Quantum Mechanical read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_mechanics

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[Solved] Physiology

You will produce a 5-page research paper on a Physiology of Exercise topic of your choice. Your paper must be a critical analysis of your chosen topic, based on the appropriate theory and methodology, outlined in your text. Start with something you are interested in. Ideally, you will choose some emerging issues, trends, movements in Kinesiology. Your job is to help create a deeper understanding of something most people engage uncritically. (Your cover page and reference page will count) Your reader should understand what the text is performing culture work. Your research should be supported with a minimum of 3 scholarly sources(only two of which can be an assigned course reading) and three popular or primary sources. Chose a subject that you will be excited about, maybe something that you are fairly familiar with yet would like to know more about the subject. There are several steps in the research production process, all of which must be completed for full credit. 

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[Solved] Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis

Introduction to Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis – The Assignments    Assignment:    Your background reading should be indexed using Harvard referencing. [MOU1]    Assignment:   Provide a report[MOU2]  and analysis on crowd science and management event tools. It should include how you use each tool stated below to understand risk and how it can help, support during, planning phase, event phase, and reflection post-event conclusion.   You need to include all of the core modeling elements from the course.   ·      DIM-ICE for your event o   Design, information, management during ingress, circulation and egress ·      Density and flow rates for your event ·      RAMP Analysis (Routes, Areas, Movement, Profile/People) ·      Congestion/Risk Maps for your site o   Time by venue on-axis.  ·      Decision Support Analysis   The core principles and understanding of the principles and applications of these tools should be demonstrated in your report and analysis. You should provide some detail of how the models are used, what information they provide, and how this can assist in the risk analysis of the crowd dynamic.   Density and Flow Outline how you monitor crowd density or crowd flow for your event.    RAMP Analysis Routes, Areas, crowd movements overtime/modal split, Profile of the crowd   Decision support analysis Using an array of one set of variables against another, such as congestion, risk, weather, communications, crowd types, event type, etc.   The objective is to ensure that the key elements of risk are communicated to the reader of the report.     [MOU1]Writing style  [MOU2]Format Report – different from an essay

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[Solved] Newton’s Law

10 slide presentation 2-3 is one Newton’s law and 4- is another law then 8/9 is how you solve it 10 is a reference page

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[Solved] Neutron Stars

Find a current news article that is directly related to recent research in physics. USE THIS ARTICLE -> https://news.berkeley.edu/2020/08/17/new-center-to-focus-on-physics-of-ultra-dense-neutron-stars/ 1- Very briefly summarize the work and how it is related to physics    (one short paragraph or less). 2- List which one or two branches of physics are involved with the work that is discussed in the article. 3- Don’t forget to reference or attach your article

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[Solved] The Force Resultant

Task 1 (3 points) A bent bar lies in a vertical plane, the x-y plane, and is affected in addition to the attachment by two forces Poch 3P, and a moment M1 = 2P · a.P = 1kN, a = 0.5m and  b= 30 °. Decide in vector form: a) the force resultant b) the torque resultant with respect to point O Task 2.  A sleeve Cmed massanm = 100kg can slide on the smooth fixed rod AB, which has the length l. It is held up by a wire CD. What is the force in the wire for the geometry (a = 0.5m) and the position that the figure next to it shows?

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[Solved] Types of Diversification

Related Diversification. Related Diversification is the most popular distinction between the different types of diversification and is made with regard to how close the field of diversification is to the field of the existing business activities. Related Diversification occurs when a company adds to or expands its existing line of production or markets. For this assignment, consider a company of your choice. Assume your company opted to pursue a strategy of related diversification and respond to the following questions. Explain why company has chosen this related diversification (by referring attached related 1, related 2 and incorporate points from attached and elaborate) What industries or product categories could if diversify into that would allow it to achieve economies of scale? (refer attached related 3 and incorporate the points in attachment and elaborate) Identify at least two or three such industries or product categories? Describe the specific kinds of cost savings that might accrue from entry into each (by referring related -3 and incorporate the points as stated in attachment and elaborate) Incorporate our coursework (Thompson text and other material) from this week into your above responses. Submission Details: Your analysis should be 500 words or more. Incorporate a minimum of at least one course (Thompson text) and one non-course scholarly/peer-reviewed source in your paper and give the complete URL from where these references have been retrieved. All written assignments must include a cover page, introductory and concluding paragraphs, reference page, be double-spaced, and proper in-text citations using APA guidelines. Follow all the above points without even missing one point

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