[SOLVED] Religion

I have to do this paper following the proposal that i sent, it has to be a total of 4 sources. The paper has to be 1250 words excluding the works cited page.  My proposal is: How does religion affect your life? and my three supportive questions are:  How does religion affect you mentally? Does following the bible have an impact on your daily actions? What are the negative and positive effects of religion in your life? For more information on Religionread this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion

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[Solved] Revelation

Look at the letters to the churches in Revelation 2–3 and make a chart of them showing the message of each letter in light of Jesus’ (1) commendation or praise of the church, (2) complaint or rebuke, (3) warning, and (4) promise.  Focus on which of the seven churches are presented positively and which are presented negatively and why they are presented in this manner.  Then do the same thing for the church which you currently attend.  How do you think the things Jesus says to these seven historical churches apply to your church? For more information on Revelation read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revelation

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[Solved] Persecution to Predominance

 In Chapter 13 we read how Christianity rose from persecution to predominance. Other than the crucial factors of sincere belief in God and Christ, there are four reasons given for Christianity’s final victory over competing faiths and fearsome persecution. Discuss these and consider which one of them you feel had the most impact upon Roman culture. After you have discussed these reasons; now address how today’s Christians could impact Western culture to draw others to Christ. (275-350 words) https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781307304176/cfi/206!/4/2@100:0.00western civilization by Dennis Rawls

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[Solved] Religion in Russia

What are your impressions of Religion in Russia? Specifically, cite your reactions to the Russian legislation on Religion and other resources provided in the Resources section of Module 71. Take 4 minutes and admire the ancient beauty of Russian cathedrals and a haunting chant  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOiycw4UQGA2. Watch this video of a Christmas service at a Russian Orthodox Church.  Watch for Dmitri Medvedev and his wife at Orthodox Christmas Mass 3. Read these articles about Russian Religion,  How Religious are Russians? , and  Putin Triumphs over Christianity4.  Look at this research about religion in Russia by the Pew Research Center Russians and Religion5.  Putin on his Christianity Putin 6.  Religious Beliefs & Government Statistics 2020: Attitudes Towards Religion7. Yarovaya law 2016: Is Religious Persecution in Russia Escalating? Elderly Baptist Pastor Charged for “Illegal” Missionary Work Newsweek 8.  US State Department Russia International Religious Freedom Report: 2018 9.   Read the lecture notes below and answer the test questions on these notes.IMPORTANT! IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN DB 7, YOU WILL NEED TO REFER TO THE ABOVE RESOURCES.OF COURSE, YOU CAN ADD SOME OF YOUR OWN RESEARCH AS WELL.10. For more information on Russian anti-extremist policies and freedom of religions see Inventing Extremists and Oslo Forum 18 EXTRA: For a more in-depth study of the Russian Orthodox Church and its relationship with the Russian government, please see this article: Russian Orthodox Church and Politics. 

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[Solved] Gospel of Mark

Discuss the following in an essay format of at least 1,000 words and using at least three scholarly sources: According to tradition, who wrote the Gospel of Mark? Why are modern scholars unable to verify that tradition? What themes in the Gospel suggest that it was composed after the Jewish Revolt against Rome had already begun? Describe the three different categories Mark assigns the Son of Man concept. How is this concept related to earlier Jewish writings, such as the books of Ezekiel, Daniel, and I Enoch? Define parable and discuss Jesus’ use of this literary form to describe his vision of God’s kingdom. Why do scholars believe that it is unlikely that one of the Twelve wrote Matthew’s Gospel? From the content of the Gospel, what can we infer about its author and the time and place of its composition? Describe some of Luke’s major themes and concerns. Evaluate the evidence for and against the tradition that Luke, Paul’s traveling companion, wrote the Gospel bearing his name. For more information on Gospel of Mark read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gospel_of_Mark

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[Solved] Role Of Ancestors

Discuss The Role Of Ancestors In Traditional African Religion. What Do You Think Modern Secular Society Can Learn From Ancestor Veneration In African Religion?

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[Solved] Servanthood and Stewardship

Must be written in clear, concise language with a Christian worldview incorporated A minimum of 3 additional sources beyond course material (e.g., textbook, readings, and presentations) must be used. All sources must be cited in proper APA format QUESTION 1Compare and contrast the balance between servanthood and stewardship. QUESTION 2 Discuss the responsibilities and skills of a human resource manage 

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[Solved] Biblical Narrative

 What do the four parts of the Christian biblical narrative (i.e., creation, fall, redemption, and restoration) say about the nature of God and of reality in relation to the reality of sickness and disease? From where would one find comfort and hope in the light of illness according to this narrative? Explain in detail each part of the narrative above and analyze the implications.

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[Solved] The Hebrew Bible

 Read the following document and write a 750-word reflection Daniel L. Smith-Christopher, “Returning to the Sources: The Hebrew Bible,” in Thomas P. Rausch, S.J. The College Student’s Introduction to Theology pages 24-26 and 33-44Gregory C. Higgins, “The Dilemma of the bible: Was the World Really Created in Seven Days?” in Twelve Theological Dilemmas, pages 15-23Kathleen Fischer and Thomas Hart, “Images of God” in Christian Foundations (Revised), pages 31-45 The Catholic Study Bible: New American Bible: Genesis 1 1-2:4a and Genesis 2:4b- 3;24 The Catholic Study Bible: New American Bible: Isaiah 61

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[Solved] American-Born Religions

Revise your Topic 5 essay outline from instructor feedback. Create an essay of 1,000-1,250 words on American-born religions. Choose one American-born religion to analyze. Include the following: Provide a sociohistorical analysis of that religion. Use the sociology of religion paradigm to analyze the American-born religion. Summarize that religion’s impact on American society. (Comp. 3.6) Describe whether or not the religion reflects a Christian worldview. Explain why. Provide an Annotated Bibliography containing four to six scholarly sources to support your analysis. Refer to the resource, “Preparing Annotated Bibliographies,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style, referring to the indicative annotation protocol. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance. This assignment assesses Programmatic competency 3.6: Analyze the role of religion and its effect on society.

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