[SOLVED] Sustainability Analysis

CSR reportFor this assessment, you are required to prepare an example of a CSR or sustainability assessment report for a selected organisation. Sustainability analysis and report should be completed to a maximum length of 1,500 words. It is preferable you select an organisation you know well or work in or can obtain some first-hand, or very recent data from. It need not be one noted for CSR or sustainability.Material can be sourced from interviews, or recent material from websites and other company reports, ormaterial in the newspapers or academic sources. Each student will give a two-minute presentation of their CSR report to the class, with the assistance of one powerpoint slide containing a maximum of 100 words and/or figures and tables.Length 1,500 words

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[SOLVED] Profitability and Reputation

1. Individual Project: Design employee satisfaction survey/ design employee satisfaction planScenario – Stacey is the vice president of HR at ‘ITFast’, a midsized IT sector company. She has called for urgent meeting of HR department staff as nearly 100 employees had given notice to leave the company in recent weeks.“This is a long list of escapees….we’re losing them faster than your people can bring them in,” she said, turning to John, the head of recruiting. “Our turnover rate is up to 35%.”“We are growing — in revenue, profitability, and reputation, I just don’t understand why people are leaving us fast” said Stacey.“I need to present these numbers to Mr Richard Leo (CEO) at the end of the week, and I can’t do that without a theory on what’s happening and a solution to propose. That’s why I called this meeting,” said Stacey.“This is even surprising given that our work culture is our biggest selling point. We don’t treat our employees just as a cog in the machine, and our company and its managers — Richard included — will listen to them. That everyone at ‘ITFast’ matters.”PART A -Task: Stacey has hired you as their HR consultant to create and roll out employee satisfaction survey that will help her uncover the reasons behind employee turnover so that she can put new policies in place.Your task is to carefully design the questionnaire (15 questions) in the light of theories/concepts/Canadian Laws discussed in the class.· Keep in mind, you can not ask any discriminatory questions or question prohibited by law, in the survey.· For every question include a line or two to explain the purpose of this question and how will this question help you to know the causes of employee dissatisfaction. Avoid lengthy explanations (you will be marked down for that)· You will also be marked down for every question that seems irrelevant/off the topic.PART B -Task: based on areas of improvement identified in part A – create employee engagement/satisfaction plan for ITFast that will help them reduce employee turnover.· Your plan should have clearly identified strategies/programs (3 strictly), each strategy should be explained in small paragraphs. Avoid unnecessary length.Assessment Criteria· ANALYSIS – You will be marked on thoroughness of your analysis and how well informed and well thought your analysis is. How creative and unique your proposed strategies/programs are. How well do you know and incorporate both federal and provincial laws in designing questionnaire and recommending improvement strategies. How many important elements of HR are you covering in your assignment.· PAPER REQUIREMENTS – Whether students have fully understood the paper requirements. If all requirements are satisfactorily met/fulfilled. Whether or not all questions have been answered.· QUALITY AND VARIETY OF SOURCES – For this information to be robust you have to use at least 10 references – Google, Wikipedia will not be considered as authentic sources you will be marked down for using them. You can use company websites, Governmental & provincial websites of Canada, Labour laws both federal and provincial, updated textbooks, and industry papers etc.,· FORMATTING – You must include title page and list of references for this Exercise. APA style of formatting for font style, line spacing etc., must be used. NO Abstract or Introduction needed start directly with part A

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[SOLVED] Competencies and Workforce Attributes

This case group project involves the development of an HR (and/or Workforce) Scorecard. This case will provide you with an understanding of the firm’s business-level balanced scorecard. Your task will be to translate this into an HR (and/or Workforce) Scorecard, and to design the associated infrastructure to ensure its successful implementation. Review the APEX Inc. Case. downloadPlease address (at a minimum) the following questions in your analyses.1. What is the firm’s competitive strategy? What are its associated operational goals?2. Create a strategy map for this organization.3. What are the “A” jobs in this business? What does “A” performance look like in these “A” jobs?4. Based on the firm’s strategy and operational goals, how can the HR function help create value for shareholders and other key constituencies? As a senior HR manager, what competencies and workforce attributes will you commit to the CEO to deliver?5. Based on the above, what specific HR policies and practices must be in place how does the HR function need to be organized to deliver the “deliverables?”6. What will the HR (and/or Workforce) scorecard look like? You can use the approach we’ve used in class, or any other approach that makes sense to you (the latter is actually encouraged). Be sure to include objectives, measures, and initiatives (don’t worry about targets).7. Who will “own” each of the measures in your scorecard? How often must they be updated?8. How will you communicate your measurement system throughout the firm?9. Measurement systems often highlight the performance of high and low performing managers and units. How will you roll out your measurement system and persuade (often) skeptical managers to use it?

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[SOLVED] Organization’s Talent Management

magine that the CEO of your company (past, present, or future) has asked you to explain the importance of adding more funding to the organization’s talent management program. You have two minutes to convince the CEO that your ideas will add value and to allow you to expound on your ideas in a more formal follow-up presentation.Briefly outline the key points of your strategy

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[SOLVED] Organization Behavior and Communication

Organization Behavior and CommunicationApril 11, 2021Alphabet Inc., based in Mountainview, California, is one of the significant parent companies for technology businesses (Google) (Rakesh, 2020). The human resources department of a corporation manages staff in a prepared and coordinated manner. The areas of personnel retention, recruiting, compensation and perk settings, shift, and success improvement are also protected by the resource management process. It also means looking into what is still present in the business as well as other tasks.The administrative HR method’s biggest problem is that most organization administrators and employees do not obey employment legislation because they believe it does not matter to their company. Audits, litigation, and the company’s collapse are also covered under the rules. Human resource management devotes many resources to developing the enterprise and developing the business and product. Recruitment and recruiting, as well as compensation and payroll, are also critical in most industries. Non-compliance penalties, a shortage of staff and their employees, and inefficiencies that bog down the manufacturing cycle are all part of the operation.Small companies undergo significant financial and time commitments when company rules have not been implemented through the recruiting phase, where bad recruiting stems from hurried interview processes or the inability to obey clear protocols, saving an organization more money (Stewart & Brown, 2019). To draw top talent and a straightforward direction in creating career applications, hiring, interviews, and recruitment must be transparent and practiced by applying market laws. The importance of employee training and wellbeing in the workplace cannot be overstated. As workers are hired, they become valuable assets to the company. It is essential to train them to avoid expensive mistakes and accidents.However, several companies have cut the period it takes to recruit and educate new hires, which has a negative impact on employees. Company regulations regulating staff training and wellbeing can be enforced to ensure that occupational accidents are minimized, increasing employee retention and morale. Employee preparation is also neglected, as is the revision of handbooks, laws, and ethical standards, both of which impact employee success (Stewart & Brown, 2019). In business management activities, obsolete handbooks may contribute to miscommunication and legal issues. Individuals can follow business laws that are in sync with the evolving legislation and demands of their workers.

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[SOLVED] National Origins

Assume you are the manager of the department where you currently work. If you are not currently working, use a past situation or a hypothetical situation; be sure to describe it. Select two leadership theories that you believe will be most useful in managing your staff. Select different theories or different combinations of theories than your classmates select. Respond to the following:*****Assess why you think these theories will be most practical or helpful.*****Evaluate how the two theories might interact with one another.*****Analyze whether you anticipate needing different leadership methods (based on your two selected theories) according to the ages, races, national origins, cultures, genders, educational backgrounds, or job types of your subordinates. Provide necessary illustrations and citations to justify your conclusions.*****Justify three best practices that emerge from your selected leadership theories (three best practices total. You do not need three best practices for each theory).The final paragraph (three or four sentences) of your initial post should summarize the one or two key points that you are making in your initial response.Your posting should be the equivalent of 1- to 2-single-spaced pages (500–1000 words) in length.

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[SOLVED] Brand Loyalty

Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to other students or your faculty member.(PORTION 1) DUE TODAYRespond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:Consider a product you are familiar with.Discuss its brand equity in at least 2 of the following areas: brand awareness, brand loyalty, perceived quality, brand associations, or brand assets.(PORTION 2) DUE SATURDAYReply to at least 2 of your classmates or your faculty member. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

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[SOLVED] A Risky Investment

Write a 500 words company analysis – Recommendations Based on your analysis, recommend to an investor if he/she should or should not invest in Mc Donald’s company. Give specific reasons for your recommendation (consider financial, organization & industry). If the recommendation is to invest – what should the investor look for in the future – will the company or market grow? Is it a risky investment? How will the investor know when to sell the shares? If the recommendation is not to invest – what would have to change for the company or industry to become a good investment?Then write a Conclusion.The conclusion should remind the reader of the purpose of your paper and give the information that you said you were going to give when you wrote your introduction – the first place to begin is to review the introduction – does it still make sense? Does the conclusion you are writing “close the loop” for the reader?

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[SOLVED] Galleries and Museums

The Stuckists strove to undo what they saw as elitism and egotism in the art world by returning to figurative painting and an emphasis on producing work that expressed their feelings and experiences. In doing so, they didn’t just create paintings, but also created propaganda, held protest demonstrations, and conducted investigations into the inner works of galleries and museums. Did they help their cause or hurt it by doing so? Can you find any evidence suggesting their efforts yielded success?

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[SOLVED] Social Welfare System

Pay and Benefits in Another CountryFor this assignment, prepare a short report describing the pay and benefits of a country of your choice. Your only restriction is that you CANNOT use any of the countries discussed in Chapter 14 of the textbook (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, India, or China). Otherwise, choose a country that is of interest to you.Part 1: First, answer the following questions about this country:1. Name the country and in which world region the country is located.2. Are health insurance and/or retirement plans part of a universal “social welfare system” of the country? If so, explain how it is funded and who is allowed to participate in the system.3. If there is not a universal health care system, how do citizens of that country obtain health insurance?4. Are there any legal requirements for companies regarding retirement benefits?5. How are wages set in this country? Is there a minimum wage?6. How many paid-days off are required by law (e.g. holiday, vacation, sick days), if any?7. What is the country’s legal requirements for maternity/paternity leave and extended sick leave?8. Did you identify any interesting legally required employee benefits in this country?9. What resources are you using to find information about the country’s social welfare system, minimum wage laws, and laws related to setting pay and benefits? Share specific websites where you found helpful information.Part 2: Second, compare your country to one of your teammate’s country in a brief paragraph: how are benefits and wages similar or different between the two countries. Be sure to indicate which country you are using as the comparison (and which team member researched that country).

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