[SOLVED] BNS498 M8A1: Capstone Paper

The Capstone Paper builds upon what you’ve done in previous modules.  In previous module assignments, you built a number of resources and portions of the project so that, as you complete this assignment, you are not writing a ten page paper from scratch in one week, but building on your previous work with added insights, […]

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[SOLVED] the world evolves

As the world evolves, war evolves along with it, which leads challenges to national security policies to be altered. Firstly, civilizations involved in war will likely be more concerned with differing national security issues. These issues are highly likely to include cyber threats, and information operations aimed at the core values of other civilizations (Cohen, […]

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[SOLVED] M1D2: What Kind of Terrorists are They?

This activity addresses module outcome 3. Upon completion of this activity, you will be able to: MO3: Explain why the term terrorism is oftentimes used in a pejorative manner, despite the definitions we work with actually strive for objectivity. (CO1) Respond to the following: It is clear that historical circumstances and social context have had […]

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Physical Security | Instant Homework Help

1. In determining specific facility and roadway security and safety measures, discuss the pros and cons of various lighting systems. 2. When considering “Access Control Technologies” as they pertain to a physical protection program, discuss the following: What are the four objectives in “Access Control”? What are the four elements of an “Access Control System”? 3. With regard to cyber security planning, there are 6 cyber plan action items that pertain to “privacy and data security”. What are these 6 items and what is the relevance of each one? Thoroughly discuss and include an example for each item. 4. Discuss biometrics technology. Specifically, what are biometrics and what are they used for? Additionally, discuss in detail the Biometric Enabled Watch List (BEWL).

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